Top 10 Moments from Atlantis the Lost Empire (2001)

The Top Ten

1 Milo Meets Kida
2 Leviathan Attack

While traveling underwater in search of Atlantis the Ulysses is attacked by the massive Leviathan that sinks the ship as Milo and many of the crew manage to evacuate to safety unfortunately most of the crew were killed in the process. - egnomac

3 Force Field Scene

After rescuing Kida Milo and the others rush back to Atlantis before it is destroyed by the lava caused by an erupted volcano as Kida in her crystal form rises and forms a giant shield protecting the city from destruction. - egnomac

4 Camp Fire

While stopping to make camp the crew are attacked by fireflies thanks to Milo that set the whole camp on fire as the group attempt to get out and cross the bridge only for the bridge to break and the fire caused by the fire flies cause some of the trucks to explode as they land on the floor below. - egnomac

5 Milo vs Rourke

Milo and the crew go after Rourke using flying machines using the power of the crystal to retrieve Kida as a battle ensues as Milo fights off against Rourke and uses a broken glass infused with the power of the crystal to cut Rourke as he begins to crystallize but even that doesn't stop him until he explodes after the blades hit him. - egnomac

6 The Crystal Merges with Kida
7 Milo Berates the Crew for Betraying Their Consciences

After Rourke locks up Kida who's fused with the heart of Atlantis, Milo is furious with the crew for helping Rourke steal the heart of Atlantis and dooming the people of Atlantis all for money eventually they decide to leave Rourke and stay behind with Milo while Rourke and his remaining crew ride off with Kida as they blow up the bridge preventing them from going after them. - egnomac

8 Rourke's Betrayal

After aiding Kida with uncovering the nature of the heart of Atlantis from an underwater passage they resurface to find out not surprisingly Rourke and the crew have betrayed Milo intending to sell the crystal for profit much to Milo's disappointment. - egnomac

9 You Have Disturbed The Dirt

While on board the Ulysses ship Milo ends up Mole who is upset that Milo has disturbed his dirt collection and he tries to shoo him away before Dr. Sweet intervenes scaring off Mole with a bar of soap - egnomac

10 Nitroglycerin Scare

While travailing underground Vinny plays a joke on Milo by making him think the canteen he drunk was filled with Nitroglycerin and tells him not to move as Mole jumps up and scares him as the two laugh at Milo's foolishness. - egnomac

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