Top 10 Moments from Bambi

An now the top moments from the Disney movie Bambi.

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1 Bambi on Ice Bambi on Ice

The scene is self explanatory Bambi and Thumper end up at a frozen pond which in now a ice rink and the two begin skating though Bambi has a much harder time standing on the ice. - egnomac

Too funny - BorisRule

2 Bambi's Mom Gets Shot

Lets get this out of the way the one moment everybody remembers from the most most from the movie and the moment that scarred countless children who watched the movie where Bamabi's mom is shot and killed by the hunter who is referred to as Man, as Bambi and his mom our out eating some grass in the meadow we then hear that Jaws like them play when ever the hunter are nearby and Bambi's mom realizes somehting is wrong and orders Bambi for them to run as things intensify she screams at him to keep running and not look back Bambi manages to get to safety but we then hear a loud gunshot signaling that Bambi's mom has suffered a horrible fate, this moment was so upsetting that even Walt Disney's daughter told him that he went too far with this moment. - egnomac

*sm64 final bowser music playing*

Easily the funniest scene in the entire movie.

Too sad - BorisRule

3 Bambi Goes to Look for His Mom in the Snow Bambi Goes to Look for His Mom in the Snow

After making it back home Bambi notices his mothers did not return so he goes off in the snowy weather to look for her calling out to her only to come face to face with his father who tells him that his mother can't be with him anymore as Bambi comes to the horrible realization that his mother has died as his father now looks over him. - egnomac

4 Bambi Meets Flower the Skunk Bambi Meets Flower the Skunk
5 Bambi Says Bird

Bambi's first word. - egnomac

6 Bambi Fights Ronno

Just like with Flower and Thumper Bambi too finds love in Faline his childhood friend but they're moment is interupted by a rival deer who's name is later revealed as Ronno in Bambi II looks to make Faline his mate and the two clash in an epic battle over her. - egnomac

Even if you’re being knocked over, don’t give up

7 Bambi Meets Faline Bambi Meets Faline

Bambi's first time in the meadow and he meets Faline who looks like a female version of him who constantly teases him while he just looks on awkwardly. - egnomac

8 Pheasant Gets Shot

One of the most darkest moments in the movie as the 3 birds hide in the grass as the hunter slowly makes his way towards them one of them is unable to keep it together and flies off in a panic and is instantly shot and killed as her dead body hits the ground as the other animals scatter. - egnomac

When her dead body hit the ground, that would always give me chills down my spine. - RadioHead03

9 Thumper Finds Love

After talking with Friend Owl about how they will suddenly find love and act all what he calls twitterpated they all of course say it will never happen to them then one by one each of them become twitteroated first Flower then Thumper who is stopped by a female rabbit and falls instantly in love. - egnomac

Love is a very powerful thing. Miss Bunny’s powers and abilities are beautiful singing voice and hypnosis. That’s very heartwarming

10 Bambi, His Mom and the Other Deer Flee from the Hunter
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1. Bambi on Ice
2. Bambi's Mom Gets Shot
3. Bambi Goes to Look for His Mom in the Snow
1. Bambi Says Bird
2. Bambi Meets Flower the Skunk
3. Thumper Finds Love


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