Top 10 Moments from Beauty and The Beast (1991)

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1 Beauty and The Beast Ballroom Dance Scene

Very iconic scene with Belle and Beast as they dance in the ballroom with Mrs. Potts singing "Beauty and The Beast" - egnomac

Perfect song for weddings.

2 Be Our Guest

Despite Beat ordering the others that if she doesn't eat with him then she doesn't eat at all Lumier and the others decide to giver her both a dinner and a show as they perform the iconic "Be Our Guest" song number, how the Beast didn't hear all that music is beyond me. - egnomac

3 Belle Opening Song Number

The opening song number as Belle goes to town as she begins the song as the villagers greet her with Bonjoiur as the song shifts to everyone singing about how odd Belle is for being more interested in reading then anything else and the whole song number is filled with tons of energy which is sadly what they 2017 version of the song number lacked. - egnomac

4 Kill The Beast

After Belle shows everyone the Beast via the magic mirror Gaston realizes that she has feeling for the Beast and rally everyone telling them the beast is a menace and needs to be destroyed as everyone joins him as he storms the castle to kill the beast. - egnomac

5 Castle Battle

After Gaston and the villagers make their way to the castle they are ambushed by Lumier and the others as a huge battle takes place between the villagers and the enchanted furniture. - egnomac

6 Gaston Song Number

Gastoin is pretty pissed that Belle rejected his proposal and humiliated him in the process which propts LeFou to cheer him up by singing about how great he is as everyone in the tavern join in. - egnomac

7 The Curse is Broken

After Gaston falls to his death Belle weeps over Beast who slowly passes out as she professes her love to him and as the last petal on the rose falls the miracle happens and the curse is broken as Beast transfoms back into a human and is revived as the whole castle transforms from dark and gloomy into a more bright and colorful as the beast is revived and sees that he's human again as he becomes over excited as the others too return to human form. - egnomac

8 Belle Takes Her Father's Place

After tracking her father down at the Beast's castle where she is confronted the Beast as she offers to take his place as his prisoner which he agrees. - egnomac

9 Belle Rejects Gastons Proposal

Gaston barges into Belle's house with the intention of proposing to Belle after already setting up his own wedding outside but Belle is just not into him and he corners her at the door Belle opens the door behind her and Gaston goes flying into a mud hole outside as LeFou strikes up the band like he was instructed by Gaston as he is left humiliated and is hell bent on making Belle his wife. - egnomac

10 Maurice Meets The Beast

After getting lost in the woods Maurice arrives at the castle where he is given shelter by Lumier who allows him to stay and warm up much to Cogsworth's dismay who continues to protest but is ignored a Mrs. Potts offers him some tea and just as Maurice is getting comfortable The Beast barges in and is not happy with Maurice being there as he screams at him that he's not welcomed here as Mauirce explains to him that he was lost in the woods and needed a place to stay as Beast gives him a place to stay by locking him up in the dungeon tower. - egnomac

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11 Beast Demanding Belle Join Him for Dinner

When Cogsworth tells him that Belle refuses to come down to dinner Beast is furious and charges up to her room and bangs on the door demanding she join him for dinner as Belle repeatedly tells him she won't and after the argue back and forth Beast decides if she won't eat with him then she won't eat at all. - egnomac

12 Beast Protects Belle from the Wolves

After Beast sends Belle running after he catches her in the west wing she tries to runaway only to be surrounded by a pack of wolves and just when it seems Belle is about to be devoured by them Beast shows up and takes out the wolves. - egnomac

13 Gaston Falls to His Death
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