Top 10 Moments from Big Hero 6 (2014)

The Top Ten Moments from Big Hero 6 (2014)

1 Tadashi is Here

After the incident on the island Hiro attempts to remove Baymax's healthcare chip but Baymax prevents him from doing so as he asks Hiro if vengeance is not what Tadashi wanted as Hiro screams out "TADASHI IS GONE! " as Baymax tells him Tadashi is here as he shows Hiro a video of Tadashi running several tests during Baymax's development which finally gets Hiro to stop his path of revenge as he apologizes to Baymax his friends arrive shortly after as he apologizes them as well and reassures them they will catch Callahan and do it the right way. - egnomac

2 Baymax's Goodbeye

After stopping Callahan Hiro and Baymax enter the portal to rescue Callahan's daughter Abigail they find her pod and as they are making their way back out Baymax is damaged by the debris causing his armor to break and disable his thrusters with not other option as the portal is closing Baymax activates his armor rocket fist and asks Hiro to say he is satisfied with his care Hiro doesn't want to do this but Baymax convinces him it's the only way to save him and Abigail, Hiro tearfully agrees to this as Baymax tells him that he'll always be with him as the two embrace and Hiro says with tears in his eye's he's satisfied with his care as Baymax deploys his armor fist allowing the two to escape leaving him behind. - egnomac

3 Destroy Him!, Hiro Orders Baymax to Kill Callahan

The team find out the identity of the Kabuki Mask stranger who is actually Callahan who stole Hiro's micrbots and uses them to shield him from the explosion at the science fair meaning Tadashi death was in vain and when Hiro confronts him about how his brother died trying to save him as Callahan tells him Tadashi's death was his own fault for being foolish enough to run into the burning building this enrages Hiro that he removes Baymax's healthcare chip leaving only the battle chip and orders Baymax to kill Callahan in a violent rage as the others try to stop him as Honey Lemon manages to reinstall the healthcare chip as Callahan escapes as Hiro is furious with them for not letting him kill off Callahan as the group argue that what he's doing is wrong as Hiro leaves with Baymax to avenge Tadashi. - egnomac

I actually wantex to see Baymax kill Callahan he deserved it but then Honey Lemon and the others just had to get involved and ruin it.

4 Tadashi Takes Hiro to The Research Lab

After Hiro attempts to go to another illegal robot fight his brother Tadashi agrees to drive him there though his real intention is to redirect Hido and take him to his institute's research lab where he meets with his friends Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred who are all working on their experiments in hopes of leading Hiro to a greater purpose then illegal robot fights. - egnomac

5 Car Chase

While Hiro and Baymax track down the kabuki mask stranger in the docks Go Go, Honey Lemon, Fred and Wasabi show up after they were contacted by Baymax as they too are caught up in this mess as the Kabuki guy shows up and they force Hiro into the car and attempt to get away, tired with Wasabi's safe driving Go Go takes over the drivers seat. - egnomac

6 Meeting Bayamax

While at the institution Tadashi shows Hiro his project Baymax which is a inflatable robot created to be medical assistant. - egnomac

7 Tadashi's Death

Shortly after Hiro's demonstration a fire breaks out among the exhibit with Tadashi realizing Callahan's still in there as he rushes in despite Hiro not wanting him to go in to go in and save him but a massive explosion takes place killing Tadashi and apparently Callahan as Hiro is left in a depressive state from the loss of Tadashi - egnomac

Tadashi became ashes - DavinLie

8 Post Credits, Stan Lee Cameo

During the post credits scene as Fred returns home and discovers a hidden room behind the painting of his families mansion filled with super hero equipment as his father returns who is actual a former superhero and he's Stan Lee which may be a huge surprise to anyone unaware of Big Hero 6 being a Marvel Comics property. - egnomac

9 Hiro's Presentation

During the school's science fair Hiro presents his projects the microbots which are a swarm of tiny robots that can link together in any way possible using a neurocranial transmitter. - egnomac

10 Robot Fight Opening

During the movies opening Hiro takes part in the illegal robot fights as he takes on Yama a notorious gangster who crushes Hiro's robot with ease and after paying for a rematch Hiro's robot turns the tables against Yama's robot, Hiro is victorious but Yama doesn't take the lost so well. - egnomac

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