Top 10 Moments from The Black Cauldron (1985)

An now its time to look back at possibly one of the most infamous Disney animated movie The Black Cauldron which was a huge box office bomb upon release and nearly bankrupted the Walt Disney Feature animation studio, despite its reputation it does have a cult following,

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1 The Horned King Raises the Cauldron Born The Horned King Raises the Cauldron Born

One of the most terrifying scenes in a Disney animated movie that sees The Horned King bringing the army of the dead to life while the Horned King's henchmen watch on before some of them jump up and attack some of them, the scene was originally a lot more graphic where we see some of the characters are literally shown decomposing and their skin boiling off their flesh until their nothing but bones the scene had to be edited in order to keep its PG rating. - egnomac

2 Gurgi Sacrifices Himself By Jumping Into the Black Cauldron to Stop the Horned King's Dead Army

After being captured by the Horned King and are imprisoned and after he rises his dead army with the magic of the Black Cauldron Gurgi shows and volunteers to sacrifice himself in order to stop the dead army. - egnomac

3 The Horned Kings Demise

The Horned Kings death is possibly one of the most graphic death scenes in a Disney movie, after getting sucked into the black cauldron we literally see his skin being ripped off him as he begins to decay as he is sucked in. - egnomac

4 Princess Eilonway Tells Off Taran

After escaping the Horned Kings castle Taran begins boasting about his amazing accomplishment even saying he wasn't afraid at which Eilonway reminds him that is was the sword that did all the work as Taran continues to brag and even telling her what a girl would know about sword fighting and this sets Eilonway off as goes off on him reminding him that if weren't for her he would still be stuck in the dungeon as the two continue to argue back and forth until Taran makes her cry ans she storms off. - egnomac

5 Taran and Eilonwy Kiss
6 The Horned King Makes His Grand Entrance
7 Taran Trades The Sword for the Black Cauldron

The group finally find the Black Cauldron being kept by the three witches who will only give them the cauldron in exchange for Taran's magic sword which he does however after the trade they inform them that the cauldron cannot be destroyed and the only way to stop its magic is for someone to willingly jump into the cauldron to their deaths. - egnomac

8 Fflewddur Gets Turned into a Frog

The group arrive at Morva at a cottage owned by three witches who are not too happy with them intruding on their property at one point Fflewddur gets turned into a frog as he falls down the dress of one of the witches Owren the fat one and nearly gets buried in her cleavage. - egnomac

9 Taran, and The Others Meet King Eidlleg and The Fair Folks
10 Taran Finds The Magic Sword

While trying to find a way out from the Horned Kings' dungeon Taran and Eilonway come across a burial chamber and finds a magic sword that aids them in fighting off the Horned Kings henchman and escape the castle. - egnomac

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1. The Horned King Raises the Cauldron Born
2. Gurgi Sacrifices Himself By Jumping Into the Black Cauldron to Stop the Horned King's Dead Army
3. The Horned Kings Demise


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