Top 10 Moments from Cars (2006)

From the world of superheroes we move on to the world of cars, while Cars wasn't as well received as some of the other previous Pixar movies its still an enjoyable movie for what it is, and here we give you the top 10 moments from the first Cars movie.

The Top Ten

1 Lightning McQueen Helping The King

During the final race between Lightning McQueen, The King and Chick Hicks, Hicks side swipes the King causing him to crash upon seeing this and recalling Doc's crash Lightning stops right in front of the finish line allowing Hicks to win the race as Lightning goes back to help The King finish his last race to everyone's excitement as Hicks is booed for his heinous actions. - egnomac

Good scene from a good movie. - B1ueNew

I love that movie!

Sometimes it's better to be selfless and sacrifice than selfish It’s a good life lesson and easily the best moment - Randomator

2 Our Town, The Sad Tale of Radiator Springs

Told in flashback Radiator Springs was once a thriving town and a popular stop along the old U.S. Route 66 then construction began on Interstate 40 and the whole town got bypassed and forgotten - egnomac

3 Doc's Backstory

To Lightning's surprise he finds out that Doc is a former racer by the name of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet who was at the top of his game until a near fatal crash and as a result he was tossed aside and told he was finished as he was replaced by other rookies standing in line to take his place and kept the news article of his crash to remind him of why he never went back to the world of racing. - egnomac

It’s actually pretty sad if you think about it. - Randomator

4 Tractor Tipping

Late at night Mater drags Lightning along with him to take part in tractor tipping where they sneak up on some tractors honk their horns loudly scaring them and causing them to tip over and when its Lightnings turn since he doesn't have a horn he revs up his engine really loudly which causes all the tractors to wake up and tip over as the two laugh until Frank a combine harvester shows up and chases after them. - egnomac

So Hilarious and mischievous - Randomator

5 Lightning and Sally Go for a Drive
6 Huge Crash

During the first race of the movie Chick Hicks causes a massive crash to stop Lightning from catching up as most of the other cars collide with one another but even with all that Queen still manages to get past them unscratched even leaping of one of the cars into the air in slow motion. - egnomac

7 Tribute to Joe Ranft

During the credits a tribute is show dedicated to fellow Pixar member Joe Ranft who co directed and co wrote the movie and also did several voice work in the previous Pixar movies including this one, ironically Joe Ranft died in a car accident during the movies production. - egnomac

8 Mater Drives Backwards
9 Police Chase

After getting lost after he falls out of Mack Lighting attempts to fins his way back to the highway but ends up in Radiator Springs where he is pursued by the Sheriff as he ends up tearing up the place before being stopped. - egnomac

Anyone else remember that one scene where Lightning barely dodges a train or is that just me? - Randomator

10 Traffic Court

After Lightning accidentally wrecks the town after being pursued by the sheriff his is brought to traffic court with Doc as judge upon seeing him realizing his a racer Doc orders him to leave town until Sally shows up and convinces him to have Lightning fix the damages he caused in the town which Doc agrees to much to Lightning's dismay. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 When mater says "GITT HER DONE"

This is the most iconic scene in the movie

12 Everyone Boos Chick Hicks for His Heinous Actions
13 Drive In Ending Scene
14 “I am Speed”
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