Top 10 Moments from Cars 3 (2017)

The Top Ten
1 McQueen Allows Cruz to Take His Place and Finish the Race

As McQueen races with his career hanging on the balance as Sterling still believing McQueen can't win orders Cruz to return to the training center despite her wanting to stay and watch the race she protests this but Sterling still orders to leave, McQueen overhearing this and remembering how she never fulfill her dream of racing and still haunted by the memory of his crash he decides the only way to beat Jackson is for Cruz to take his place.

2 Demolition Derby

On their way to Florida McQueen attempts to race at a dirt track Thunder Hollow in disguise only to find him and Cruz taking part in an demolition derby with one of the opponents being Miss Fritter an intermediating school bus.

3 Cal Weathers Retires

After being told by a news reporter that racer Cal Weathers is retiring from racing McQueen goes over to him and asks him about it a Cal accepts the fact that his time is done and the rookies will take over, not soon after a lot of the veteran racers either retire or are fired to make way for the younger rookies.

4 Cruz Wins the Race
5 Cruz's Dream

Following the demolition derby scene which was won by Cruz McQueen becomes irate over the amount of wasted training time that he ends up breaking Cruz's trophy upsetting her as she orders Mack to stop so she can get off as she leaves she reveals to McQueen that she had dreams of being a racer like him but felt intimidated by the other racers that she quit before she even got started.

6 Lightning Crashes

Just like all the veteran racer Lignting McQueen finds himself left in the dust by the new rookie Jackson Storm as he pushes himself too hard and crashes to the horror of everyone in attendance.

7 Old School Training

Smokey and his friends agree to help McQueen learn new tricks to overcome his speed disadvantage through several odd training methods like driving at night through the forest without their lights on and driving along side a herd of tractors.

8 Doc's Hudson Flashback

While meeting up with Smokey and several other former racer in Thomasville Smokey recalls a race from Doc's past as Doc went up against an up an coming rookie who pushes Doc against the wall of the track as Doc then jumps off the wall and over the rookie to win the race.

9 4 Months Later

Following his crash 4 months prior Lightning basically becomes a shell of his former self as he re-watches old footage from Doc's wreck while reflectin on Doc's words of wisdom of how he never got the chance to go out on his own terms as McQueen realizes he's in almost in the same situation as Doc.

10 Lightning on the Simulator

After going through Cruz's training methods Lightning decides he's ready for the simulator despite Cruz's objection and McQueen quickly finds the simulation training more then he can handle as he crashes through the simulator.

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