Top 10 Moments from Coco (2017)

An now its time to take a look back at the top moments from what is possibly the best Pixar movie Coco.

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1 Miguel Sings Remember Me to Mama Coco

In my opinion the best scene in the entire movie, Miguel returns home to play "Remember Me" to Mama Coco just like Hector did for her when she was little hoping to get her to remember before Hector is completely forgotten and despite his family's objection he plays for her and at first it seems like his efforts are in vain until Coco begins to sing along with him and begins to remember again as Miguel tells her that her father Hector loved her more then anything in the whole world as Coco brings out the missing piece of the picture with Hector's face as it completes the torn picture as she is able to pass down Hector's stories to the family so that he'll be remembered even after Mama Coco dies which she does some time after this scene. - egnomac

2 Remember Me Flashback

After its revealed that Ernesto poisoned Hector and stole his songs to make himself famous he gets rid of both Hector and Miguel to protect his legacy by dropping them into a cenote pit, there Hector recalls how he would sing to his daughter Coco as a child "Remember Me" so that she would always remember him when ever he left its after this Miguel realizes that Hector is his real great great grandfather. - egnomac

3 Proud Corazon Finale

Possibly the most perfect ending in any Disney or Pixar movie a year has passed as Coco's letters proved that Hector wrote all those songs Ernesto took credit for ruining his reputation as Miguel shows off his baby sister to the family ofrenda as his Abuela joins them and places Coco's photo on the ofrenda as Coco had passed away earlier that year meanwhile back in the Land of the Dead Hector is finally allowed to cross the bridge to the Land of the Living as he welcomed by Imedla and embraces Coco with a hug and is welcomed back into the family as they all cross the bridge, back in the Land of the Living Miguel and his family celebrate Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead) as he is finally able to play and sing for them as his ancestors join along side. - egnomac

4 Un Poco Loco

In order to get into Ernesto's Mansion Miguel with help from Hector participates in the battle of the bands and despite Miguel never playing in front of an actual audience before he manages to wow the audience singing "Un Poco Loco" as Hector also joins in thanks to Dante, what makes this scene so great is unbeknown to either Miguel or Hector is that Hector is Miguel's great great grandfather so all this time Miguel was performing alongside his own great great grandfather and never even knew it. - egnomac

I’m a little crazy for this scene - GinnyWeasleyLuna

5 Ernesto Poisons Hector

Miguel eventually manages to sneak into Ernesto's mansion believing him to be his great great grandfather so he can get his blessing to return to the land of the living and he can pursue his dream of being a musician however Hector manages to sneak in as well and confronts the two however while there as one of Ernesto's movies plays with a scene similar to when Ernesto and Hector before they parted ways and Hector died before he could return home Hector realizes that Ernesto had poisoned him and took his songs to make himself famous, Hector is outraged at him not only did he murder him and stole his songs but because of his actions Hector's family believed he abandoned them and chose to forget about him as Hector attacks Ernesto as his bodyguards come in to take Hector away as well as Miguel. - egnomac

6 Miguel Meets His Deceased Ancestors

After breaking into Ernesto's Mausoleum to take his guitar for the show but as she begins to play it he becomes invisible to everyone and begins seeing the dead completely scared and confused he runs off and eventually bumps into his deceased ancestors who instantly recognize him as does he confused by the situation they take him to the land of the dead to see great great grandmother Imedla who was unable to cross the bridge due to Miguel taking the photo of her off the ofrenda to find out what's happened to him. - egnomac

7 Miguel's Abuela Brings Out the Chancla

One of the funniest moments of the movie as Miguel talks with a Mariachi at the plaza he offers to allow Miguel to play his guitar until Miguel's abuela screams out his name as she marches toward him and brings out her chancla and beats the Mariachi singer with it chasing him off. - egnomac

8 No Music

Miguel explains to the audience how his grandma runs the house just like Mama Imelda which is no music in the house as we are a series of clips where Miguel's Abuela would shout no music possibly the best one is when a trio of mariachis are passing by while singing and she screams out "NO MUSIC! ". - egnomac

9 Miguel's Abuela Destroys His Guitar

Miguel's family becomes outraged after finding out that he's been defying their wishes and not only been listening to music but has his own guitar and he and his family argue about the situation with his family oppose to him wanting to be a musician due to his great great grandfather walking out on the family to be a musician and don't want to lose him while Miguel is convinced that Ernesto De La Cruz is his great great grandfather and believes its his destiny to be a musician as his abuela grabs his guitar asking if he wants to end up like his great great grandfather forgotten by his family and left off the ofrenda as Miguel shouts that he doesn't care about being on the ofrenda which shocks everyone as Abuela out of anger smashes his guitar which causes Miguel to runaway. - egnomac

10 Ernesto de la Cruz Gets Crushed by a Bell

Ernesto performs Remember Me and as he makes his way to the top of the set one of the backstage workers accidentally flips the switch causing the bell to drop on him killing him and how ironic later in the movie after his is exposed and sent flying he gets crushed again by a bell. - egnomac

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11 Dante Turns Into a Spirit Guide
12 Mama Imelda Sings on Stage
13 Ernesto Sings "Remember Me"
14 Miguel Steals the Guitar
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