Top 10 Moments from Dinosaur (2000)

The second Disney Theatrical Animated movie released in the new millennium which was during that time that Disney would find themselves in a bit of a rut ranging from movies being just okay to disappointing, one of those movies and the top moments we'll be looking at is the 2000 movie Dinosaur who's reception was rather mixed some people liked it while others not so much.
The Top Ten
1 Meteor Strike

After the mating ritual a meteor crashed into the earth that forms an exploding tsunami that fastly approaches the island as Aladar and his family and the other lemurs attempt to get away Aladar manages to get off the island by jumping into the sea along with his family as the the fiery storm destroys the island and kills the rest of the lemurs in the process.

2 Crossing The Desert

After escaping from a pack of Velociraptors Aladar and his adoptive family come across a herd of dinosaurs lead by Kron on a journey to the nesting ground the only safe place not touched by the meteor's destruction as they cross the desert with the Velociraptors and the Carnotaurus on their trail while crossing the desert many of the dinosaurs die from exhaustion and end up getting eaten by the Velociraptors.

3 Kron vs Aladar

Aladar reaches the herd who find themselves at a dead end as they attemtp to climb the cliff he tells them there's a safer way to get to the valley via through the cave but Kron refuses to listen and upon seeing Aladar attempting to act as the leader attacks him and the two battle.

4 Stand Together

After Aladar is appointed as the new leader and the herd head back to the cave they are stopped by the surviving Carnotaurus who followed him and now blocks their only way out Aladar bravely stands against the Carnotaurus as the others join as they stand against the monster as they are safely able to get past it.

5 Kron's Death

Though the battle with the Carnotaurus ended Kron ends up dying from his injuries as Neera his sister and Aladar mourn his loss.

That looked painful.

6 Finding Water

The herd reach a lake that they've relied on previous trips but find it dried up as Kron orders the herd to move on until Aladar and his friends discover the buried water under the surface thanks to Baylene's foot breaking the surface and cauing the water to come out as Aladar calls out to everyone that they found water as everyone rushes over and avoid dehydration.

7 Aladar and the Group Break through the Wall in the Cave Revealing the Nesting Ground

The group arrive at a dead end but break through the giant wall revealing the nesting grounds while exploring one of them notices a large wall of rocks blocking the original entrance to the valley as Aladar realizes that the herd will die if they try to climb over it he rushes to them before its too late even knowing how stubborn Kron is and not likely to listen to him.

8 Carnotaurus Battle

After everybody evades the Carnotaurus thanks to Aladar's plan of standing together Kron on the other hand still attempts to get up the cliff to the nesting ground the Carnotaurus follows him as Neera and Aladar come to his aid and fight of the Carnotaurus until it falls into the ravine as it falls to its death.

9 The Carnotaurus chases after the heard at the beginning of the movie
10 Carnotaurus Cave Attack

While taking refuge in a cave during a rain storm the pair of Carnotaurus chase after the group as Burton fends off the two while the others get away as he causes a cave in as he and one of the Carnotaurus and are crushed to death by the debris.

The Contenders
11 The Courtship

During this scene Aladar and his family take part in mating ritual as Aladar brings in all the lemur bachelors one including his friend Zini to the female lemurs as the mating ritual begins everyone finds a mate except for Zini who is left alone and depressed as all the other new couples sit on the top of the tree and watch the sunset.

12 The Lemurs Find the Egg
13 Every Lemur Ends Up Finding a Mate Except Zini
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