Top 10 Moments from Dumbo

The Top Ten Moments from Dumbo

1 Dumbo Visits His Mom

I used to cry over this every time I watched it when I was 4 years old. - KN

The most emotional moment in the whole movie, Dumbo along with Timothy visit his mother to cheer him up after he was humiliated during the clown act as Mrs. Jumbo comforts him using only her trunk while Dumbo wants nothing more then to be with her again as the song "Baby Mine" plays over the scene. - egnomac

Sad and happy at the same time - BreakFastBeast2005

I cannot do Baby Mine. It makes me ugly-cry every time. - DisneyBirds2019

2 Dumbo's Big Triumph


The final act of the movie Dumbo performs the same stunt from earlier only from a much higher building and as they jump off they lose the magic feather and Timothy in a panic pleads with Dumbo that the magic feather was just a gag and that he can fly and to everyone's surprise Dumbo flies all around the circus while getting back at his tormentors including the other elephants as he sucks up the peanuts and fires it back at them. - egnomac

3 When I See an Elephant Fly

In the new version it goes likes this.

"Youve seen a dragonfly.
Youve seen a horsefly
Youve even seen a houseful
But have you ever seen
An elephant fly?

I most enjoy the song at that scene, especially the crows, showing their class, style and way of fun, even if mocking Timothy at the idea of Dumbo flying.

I've seen a peanut stand
Heard a diamond ring
I've seen a needle that winked its eye
but be done seen about everything when I see an elephant fly

After Timothy believes that Dumbo flew sicne they ended up in the tree the crows mock and laugh at the ridiculeness of it all and sing "When I See an Elephant Fly" - egnomac

4 Pink Elephants on Parade

The belly dancer elephant as she dances she should pull her pants down and dance
Also the male elephant who dances with lightning I should do that to a naked woman

After Dumbo and Timothy drink from the bucket of water after the clowns champagne fell in and get drunk they begin hallucinating of pink elephants. - egnomac

5 Timothy Mouse Tells Off the Crows

After the crows sing their musical number "When I See an Elephant Fly" Timothy finally is fed up with their taunting and tells them of the sad life poor Dumbo has had who is mocked and laughed at for his big ears, shunned by the other elephants, mother was locked up for protecting him leaving Dumbo alone, and then made into a clown following the big top fall fiasco and now these crows laugh and mock him too, feeling bad for Dumbo the crows agree to help him learn to fly. - egnomac

6 Dumbo Flies

The Crows attempt to help Timothy to help Dumbo to fly by giving him what they call the magic feather which is just an ordinary feather for good luck, and at first it seems their plan failed until Timothy realizes that Dumbo is flying as the others rejoice. - egnomac

7 Timothy Mouse Scares the Other Elephants

After seeing how coldly the other elephants shame Dumbo following Mrs. Jumbo's being locked up so Timothy decides to scare them since elephants are afraid of mice. - egnomac

8 Clown Scene

After Dumbo 's big top fail he is punished by being forced into the clown act while the parts with the clown were funny it takes a turn for the worst when Dumbo is hit with a paddle off the tall building structure and lands in tub below filled with cream as everyone laughs at him. - egnomac

9 Pyramid of Pachyderms Falls

During the circus act where all the elephants stack on top of each other while one of them balances on a ball with Dumbo suppose to jump of a platform that would send him to the very top but things go horribly wrong after he trips on his ears and knocks over the ball the elephants are standing on causing them to lose balance and eventually bring down the circus tent. - egnomac

Prissy let out a loud cry when she fell off the trapeze
Mantrich landed and looked like she was doing a handstand
The other one fell in a net

10 Mrs. Jumbo Goes Berserk

After one of the boys begins messing with Dumbo and grabs him so he can blow in his ear Mrs. Jumbo loses it and goes on a rampage as she spanks the delinquent with her trunk before tearing up the tent area as the ringmaster orders them to restrain her. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Casey Junior

The train scene as the circus packs up and heads towards the next town. - egnomac

12 Mrs. Jumbo Dunks the Ringmaster in the Water
13 Song of the Roustabouts
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