Top 10 Moments from ECW

ECW the land of extreme has had so many insane and memorable moments that'll make you say "Oh My God!", these are the moments from the early days of ECW all the way to the revival of ECW in WWE.

The Top Ten

The Barbed Wire Match between Terry Funk & Sabu


In one of the most barbaric matches in ECW history Terry Funk and Sabu faced off in a barbed wire match in which the ropes are replaced with barbed wire during the match Sabu literally tore his bicep muscle and had to tape it back together. - egnomac

Chair Tossing

In one of the craziest moments in ECW a match between Terry Funk and Cactus Jack resulted in the fans throwing an enormous amount of chairs in the ring. - egnomac

Hey I not seeing much comments so yeah

"PLEASE DO NOT THROW CHAIRS IN THE RING! " fans throw chairs in the ring, "PLEASE DO NOT THROW CHAIRS IN THE RING! " fans continue throwing Charis in the ting, "STOP THE CHAIRS" cue the trashcan. - egnomac

Shane Douglas denounces NWA

"...And they can all kiss my @2$! "

After winning the NWA World Title during a promo Shane brought up the names Lou Thez, Rick Steamboat, & Harley Race then stated "They can all kiss my A-S" threw the belt on the floor stating The NWA was dead and announced himself as the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion ushering in the new era of ECW. - egnomac

The Heatwave Incident

The Dudley Boys were notorious for getting into it with fans of ECW verbally assaulting them getting in their faces and even started riots, on this night The Dudleys really turned up the heat to 11 really getting into it with the fans. - egnomac

Rob Van Dam beats John Cena for The WWE Championship

RVD cashed in his Money in The Bank contract against Cena at ECW One Night Stand 2006 it was RVD who wanted to have their match at ECW arena. - egnomac

I still don't know why Cena was at ECW - SnerpDoge

Tommy Dreamer loses the Singapore cane match and is caned by The Samdman

The moment were Tommy Dreamer proved he belonged in ECW after losing to Sandman Dreamer was relentlessly caned in the bare back and Dreamer responded with "Thank you sir may I have another"!. - egnomac

Jerry Lawler invades ECW

Extremely Crappy Wrestling - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

Following a victory over Raven Tommy Dreamer gets ambushed by Jerry Lawler Sabu and RVD as they attacked Dreamer and most of the ECW roster then Lawler shouted "This bingo hall outta be built out of toilet paper cause there's nothing in it but S-T! ". - egnomac

The ring collapsing

Following a match the Public Enemy invited the fans in the ring for a victory house party the ring completly filled up with fans before the ring collapsed. - egnomac

Bam Bam Bigelow and Tazz crash through the ring

Another extreme moment Taz had Bam Bam in a submission hold, Bam Bam then fell backwards landing on Taz as they tore a whole in the ring. - egnomac

Rhino winning his first ECW World Heavyweight Championship

The Contenders

Spike Dudley's crowd surf

During a match against Bam Bam Bigelow tossed Spike directly into the crowd and caught him - egnomac

ECW Barely Legal
Tazz vs. Sabu vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
The Danbury Fall

Danbury fall is the best

Tommy Dreamer finally beats Raven
Terry Funk beats Raven for The ECW Championship at Barley Legal
The B.W.O.

Near by me there was a wrestling event with Stevie Richards and I was so mad when I couldn't go...

The Dudley Boys leaving ECW
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