Top Ten Best Moments of Elton John

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1 His successful album of goodbye yellow brick road

Thus is one of his most acclaimed albums and one of the most popular albums of his it's extremely popular I love songs in that album. - Kevinsidis

2 He performed "candle in the wind" at princess Diana's funeral

This song is very sorrowful that I shed a tear thank you Elton John for your Requiem of Princess Diana:,( - Kevinsidis

3 He went into rehab

He was influenced to make this kind of decision because of Ryan white's death R.I.P Ryan White thank you Elton John for not making yourself worse by decaying to death. - Kevinsidis

4 He changed his name

His original name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight but he legally change his name to a stage and very famous well-known name which is Elton John. - Kevinsidis

5 He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II

He was knighted in 1998 for his successful music career and his charitable work. - Kevinsidis

6 He created the Elton John aids foundation

He created it in 1992 and a year later he held a party after the academy awards ceremony for fund raising his company. - Kevinsidis

7 He married David Furnish

They both establish a civil partnership before they officially got married in England and the repeal of the gay marriage law now this has to be a sign against homophobia - Kevinsidis

8 He created the song "Philadelphia freedom"

He has created the song in honor of Billie Jean king and her tennis team now this is one of my favorite songs. - Kevinsidis

9 He was accepted into the royal academy of music

He was accepted when he was 11 years old same age that William James Sidis has entered Harvard university. - Kevinsidis

10 His first hit "Your song"

He has put effort in this song so as Bernie Taupin I love the lyrics and the vocals. - Kevinsidis

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11 He Created a duet called "Don't go breaking my heart"
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1. His successful album of goodbye yellow brick road
2. He performed "candle in the wind" at princess Diana's funeral
3. He went into rehab


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