Best Moments from Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Best moments from the second movie. The shorts will count.

The Top Ten

1 Sunset Shimmer's Solo in Welcome to the Show

She is awesome that song was so good and so was her voice

This moment was epic! Such an voice! I just love her! - SuperGeek

Awesome moment

2 Under Our Spell

I just love the Dazzlings! and so I love this song too! I have no words for this song! - SuperGeek

3 The Sleepover

Equestrian girls is better than jem and the holograms and I love the way they all sing together twilight sparkle is pretty and so's sunset shimmer and rarity and she loves fashion rainbow dash loves soccer flutter shy loves animals apple jack loves apples and pinky pie loves treats and the dazzlings are better than the misfits and love adagio dazzle and I also love trixy photo finish lyra heartstrings and sweety drops and t'm sure bronies like it too and I look them up and watch video of them all the time and I love the part when pinky pie says pizzas here

This was something I was waiting for when I saw the first movie! somethings that I noticed that I liked: Rainbow dash and Applejack played games against eachother, The girld taking a picture with Spike, A quick momnet of Maud Pie (AMAZING! ) and Twilight and Sunsets talk. - SuperGeek

4 The First Scene

They're not awesome. They should go die in a fire. They're just ripoffs of the Trix from Winx Club.

We got to see the new awesome villains The Sirens aka the Dazzlings - SuperGeek

5 Battle of the Bands

This was an great song with an major plot point. Awesome song! - SuperGeek

One of the best songs in the film. and a typically sheepish student population gets competitive and aggressive. Great scene.

6 Better Than Ever

This is an great and happy song - SuperGeek

7 It's Taco Tuesday

Love sonata and her qoute! So funny - SuperGeek

8 Music to My Ears

Love this short! Great to see vinyl and she is listening to an super cool song! - SuperGeek

9 Derpy's Song

Funny little Derpy scene! - SuperGeek

I laughed at that one - TwilightKitsune

10 The After Credit Scene


When I firtst saw it I couldn't wait to the next one - SuperGeek

The Contenders

11 Mane Five's Argument
12 Sunset Shimmer's Defeat and Regret
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