Best Moments from Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Best moments from the second movie. The shorts will count.

The Top Ten

1 Sunset Shimmer's Solo in Welcome to the Show

She is awesome that song was so good and so was her voice

This moment was epic! Such an voice! I just love her! - SuperGeek

Awesome moment

2 Under Our Spell

I just love the Dazzlings! and so I love this song too! I have no words for this song! - SuperGeek

3 The Sleepover

This was something I was waiting for when I saw the first movie! somethings that I noticed that I liked: Rainbow dash and Applejack played games against eachother, The girld taking a picture with Spike, A quick momnet of Maud Pie (AMAZING! ) and Twilight and Sunsets talk. - SuperGeek

4 The First Scene

We got to see the new awesome villains The Sirens aka the Dazzlings - SuperGeek

5 Battle of the Bands

This was an great song with an major plot point. Awesome song! - SuperGeek

6 Better Than Ever V 1 Comment
7 It's Taco Tuesday V 1 Comment
8 Music to My Ears

Love this short! Great to see vinyl and she is listening to an super cool song! - SuperGeek

9 Derpy's Song V 2 Comments
10 The After Credit Scene V 1 Comment
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