Best Moments from Equestria Girls


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1 Helping Twilight win the crown

I love this song!

This song was really amazing!
So catchy melody, lyrics and the tempo was amazing as hell
You see the Mane 6 in their true forms
And also see the other students as not backround characters - SuperGeek

2 Sunset Shimmers defeat and regret

I loved it that sunset became good again

Her transformation was cool but the mane 6 transformation was even cooler
The the power that came from them was cool
And when she was defeated she cried and regreted what she have done
Introducing the Sunset Shimmer whe know and love today - SuperGeek

3 The Dance V 1 Comment
4 Trixie's scene

More of a comic relief scene, but it had me laughing out loud. A performance act just to get a snack from a vending machine.

I'm voting for this because it's Trixie but the entire movie is amazing - bobbythebrony

The great and powerful Trixie! - TwilightKitsune

Love the character Trixie and I was So happy to see her in the movie
When Twilight Tries to kick an vending machine trixie comes and specked out the famous qoute:
THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE... needs some peanut butter crackers
And later in the movie when the mane 6 chasing Snips and Snails after dognaping Spike we see her buying some Peanut Butter crackers again - SuperGeek

5 Twilight's reaction to her new body

This scene was so hilarious
I really love the Screams
When she she sees her hands and breathing hevily is so hilarious - SuperGeek

6 This strange new world

I like this song very much
We meat all new characters and human verisions of the old characters - SuperGeek

7 The Library

Ok the library scene was pretty long but I will count that
Twilight is using a computer is pretty funny
I like Cheerilees reaction to Twilight
The Cutie Mark Crusaders dancing to their song
And a cameo from the awful show Pound Puppies - SuperGeek

8 Meeting Pinkie and Applejack

Ok this scene is underrated
We have met Celestia, Fluttershy and Sunset but now we meet Pinkie and Applejack
Love the introdoctiun of the two characters - SuperGeek

9 Meeting Fluttershy

Like in the show
She first introduce her silent and Twilight didn't hear
Then she is even more silent
And last she just give a squeak from her
And then Spike the silence - SuperGeek

10 Time to come together

I like this song pretty much
After Snips and Snails destroyed the decorations the mane 6 comes and clean it up and build it up
Sooner more and more students comes to help - SuperGeek

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