Top 10 Moments from Fantasia 2000

Continuing with this list series we now look back at the best moments from the first Disney theatrical animated movie to be released in the new millennium the sequel to the original Fantasia called Fantasia 2000 which includes 7 new segments along with a returning one the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The Top Ten

1 Duke, Joe, Rachael and John All Get Their Wish (Rhapsody in Blue)

The segment centers on four individuals who are unhappy and wish for a better life for themselves and in a series of strange events one thing leads to another as Duke quits his job giving it to Joe who was in desperate need of a job, to Rachael's ball bouncing off Duke hitting Rachael's parents windows alerting them and come to her rescue from being run over by traffic and Joe ends up getting rid of John's wife, as everyone gets their happy ending Duke is able to perform at the Harlem Jazz, Joe gets a job, Rachael gets to spend more time with her parents and John is free from his controlling wife. - egnomac

Maybe one day, one of these women in the jazz club will be John’s new and real wife. Killjoy Margaret has gone too far

As long as we’re in the United States, people got to be free to lead their own lives

2 Sprite Restores the Forest (Firebird Suite) Sprite Restores the Forest (Firebird Suite)

After nearly getting destroyed by Firebird who burned down the whole forest the Sprite is able to restore life back to the forest as she flies around restoring life back to the forest. - egnomac

3 Firebird is Awaken (Firebird Suite)

The Sprite awakens Fire Bird a fiery spirit of destruction who destroys the Forest as the Sprite tries to get away before it engulfs her luckily the sprite survives - egnomac

4 Yo-yo Playing Flamingo's Big Finale (The Carnival of the Animals)
5 The Flying Whales (Pines of Rome)

Really doesn't make any sense but it was still amazing to watch. - egnomac

6 Flamingos Get Angry at the Yo-yo Playing Flamingo (The Carnival of the Animals) Flamingos Get Angry at the Yo-yo Playing Flamingo (The Carnival of the Animals)

During the segment the other Flamingo's get really angry at one specific Flamingo who won't stop playing with his Yo-yo as they chase after him trying to get the Yo-yo away from him. - egnomac

7 Jack in The Box Falls Into the Fire Stove (Piano Concerto No. 2)

During the final showdown between the soldier and the jack in the box as the Jack in the box leaps at the soldier to finish him off the soldier is able to knock him back and send him right into the open stove and is burned to death, originally the the segment was suppose to end with both the soldier and the ballerina melting in the fire but the music was too upbeat to animate it and was changed. - egnomac

8 Donald and Daisy Reunite (Pomp and Circumstance)

Through most of the segment the two are seperated from one another fearing that the other didn't make it onto the ark its not until the very end of the segment that the two finally meet up with each other as they embrace before walking out of the ark as a pair. - egnomac

9 Tin Soldier vs Jack in The Box (Piaono Concerto No. 2)

The soldier falls for the ballerina but the Jack in the Box is also after her as he keeps her captive as he and the soldier square off the Jack in the Box end up winning the battle after knockout he soldier off the window into the streets. - egnomac

10 Rachael Pouring the Blue Paint on the Art Teacher (Rhapsody in Blue)

The Contenders

11 The Elk awakens the Spring Sprite
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1. Sprite Restores the Forest (Firebird Suite)
2. Duke, Joe, Rachael and John All Get Their Wish (Rhapsody in Blue)
3. Firebird is Awaken (Firebird Suite)


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