Top 10 Moments from Fantasia

For another best scenes from Disney movies for this list we will be looking at the top moments from Walt Disney's 3rd animated movie Fantasia 1940.

The Top Ten

Chernabog Unleashes Hell on Earth (Night on Bald Mountain)

The most darkest and terrifying scene in a Disney movie as Chernabog literally unleashes hell on earth bringin the dead back to life just to kill them off again by dumping them into the fires of hell, turning beautiful things and making them ugly even more creepy is his smile as he does these horrible things. - egnomac

Darkness is too rare in modern animated movies. We need Chernabog back. - Cyri

Mickey's Dream Sequence (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

The best! A big moment in Disney history.

After Mickey brings the broom to life and has it perfomr his chore of bringing in water as he doses off he has a dream sequence where he moves the starts, the water and the clouds with his magic. - egnomac

Mickey Brings the Broom to Life (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

After the Sorcerer leaves Mickey puts on his magic hat and brings a broom to life so it will finish his chores and of course this later backfires. - egnomac

Stegosaurus vs T-Rex (Rite of Spring)

Though the other dinosaurs manage to escape one Stegosaurus is left behind and attempt to fight off the T-Rex and though it puts up a good fight sadly said dinosaur falls victim to the T-Rex as it snaps its neck killing it all while the others watch helplessly and even more unsettling is in the next sequence the other dinosaurs slowly die away and become extinct. - egnomac

Chernabog Appears (Night on Bald Mountain)

During theNight on Bald Mountain segment We see a giant mountain that slowly changes to reveal Chernabog Disney's version of the devil. - egnomac

The Dancing Mushrooms (Nutcracker Suite)

During the Nutcracker Suite segment water pours down on these group of mushrooms as they get up an perform a dance sequence and its also noteworthy to point out that in many ways are portrayed as Asian stereotypes. - egnomac

Ben Ali Gator and His Alligator Troops Sequence (Dance of the Hours)

The final sequence of the segment as Ben Ali Gator and his troops show up to perform one last dance number with the other animals. - egnomac

T-Rex Appears (Rite of Spring)

During the segment The T-Rex emerges as the other dinosaurs runaway. - egnomac

That part formerly scared me, but not anymore.

Thunderstorm Scene (The Pastoral Symphony)
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The Contenders

The Centaurette Scenes (Pastoral Symphony)
Hyacinth and Ben Ali Gator Dancing (Dance of the Hours)
Mickey congratulates Leopold Stokowski
The Centaurette Scenes
The Firebird's appearance (The Firebird Suite)

Like Chernabog, The Firebird has control over fire, but unlike Chernabog, The Firebird has more mobility, can actually leave his mountain, which allows him to spread his reign of fire.

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