Top 10 Moments from Finding Nemo (2003)

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1 Keep Swimming

In the final climax Marlin is reunited with Nemo who he presumed was dead as Dory and several fish are captured in a net as Nemo and Marlin attempt to help them free by leading them all to swim down and break the net by repeatedly saying "Keep Swimming" until they finally get free.

2 Marlin Meets Dory

While cashing the boat that took Nemo Marlin runs into Dory who agrees to take him to where the boat is headed he follows but shortly after as he's following her she tries to get away from him as he continues to pursue her until she stops to confront him telling him to quit following her as Marlin reminds her that she was taking him to Nemo. is at this moment that Marlin finds out that Dory suffers from short term memory loss.

3 Marlin and Dory Get Chased By Bruce

During the sharks meeting Marlin finds a scuba mask with writing on it as he and Dory fight over the mask as Dory is hit in the nose causing her to bleed and the blood makes its way into Bruce's nose which casues him to chase after the pair as they attempt to get away, the scene does pay homage to The Shinning as Bruce is breaking down the door he says "Here's Brucie! " as the pair escape into the torpedo canons as Bruce tries to get in before Dory releases the torpedo into Bruce's Mouth as he shakes it off as it flies into the underwater mines as the sharks swim away as the mine explodes which causes the others to explode as well.

4 Marlin and Dory in the Whale

were in a whale, don't you get it?

5 Nemo Egg

Man this movie didn't waste anytime being so emotional as Marlin and Coral are getting ready to be parents when a Barracuda attacks as Coral bravely tries to save the eggs as Marlin is kncoked out awakens only ot find that not only did Coral die but all of the eggs as Marlin is left alone weeping over the loss of his family when he spots Nemo's egg which is cracked as he grabs onto it vowing to himself that he would never let anything happen to him.

6 Nemo Gets Captured

During a field trip Nemo and some of the students sneak off into the drop off area and see a boat as the kids attempt to get further and further to it before Marlin arrives and embarrasses Nemo in front of everyone which leads to an argument between the two as Marlin decides he's not ready for school while also telling him he thinks he can do all these things but he just can't which leads to Nemo telling him he hates him then goes off to touch the boat to Marlin's annoyance before his is captured by divers as Marlin frantically tries to follow them but fails to keep up.

7 Sharkbait, Ooh Ha Ha!
8 Seagull Chase
9 The East Australian Current Turtle Scene
10 Jellyfish Scene

Marlin and Dory find themselves in the middle of a group of jellyfish after ignoring the warning of the school of moon fish of not going over the trench as the two have to make it out Dory becomes incapacitated as Marlin is forced to carry her out as he is being stung multiple times before finally making it out as he runs into another set of jelly stings.

"I call this one Squishy, and he shall be mine, and you shall be my Squishy! " Dory is so funny. Take her advice and just keep swimming!

The Contenders
11 "Mine" Seagulls
12 Two Pelicans at Sea

(bubble popping on the surface)
One of the Pelicans: Nice. (flies away)

That was funny!

13 Angler Fish Attack

As the mask falls into a dark trench Marlin and Dory swim in get the mask, they then come across a light which belongs to an Angler Fish who gives chase after the two meanwhile Dory finds the mask and attempts to read it all while Marlin is being pursued by the Angler Fish.

14 Darla Introduction
15 AquaScum 2003
16 Mine Explosion
17 Meeting the School of Moonfish
18 Dentist Scene
19 Marlin Chases After Dory
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