Best Moments for a TopTenner

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1 First List

My first list wasn't so great. It was an accomplishment, but not a work of art. My third list, however, really got me popular on here, and that made me a much more committed TopTenner.

My first list was just a few facts about me, which some dimwits added lies about me. Luckily, I asked Admin to make it so I can only add things to that list.

My first list is the Top Ten Best the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Episodes.

My first list was "Countries With The Worst Weather". I could've done better.

2 Someone Remixing Your List

I dunno, some of my lists have remixes which I would rather hadn't shaken the list like they did. But I guess apart from the time it was done multiple times over as trolling, it is opinion.

One of my friends on the site remixed my Dora the Explorer list.

I just like it...when someone remix any of my list

This is great when it happens.

3 Getting An Achievement

Achievements are some of the best things users have. I also like the achievements with? on them. I want to level up more.

I jumped up and down when I got an HQ list but I had no idea what is was so I asked a bunch of people and only DCfnaf responded!

4 Being Added To The Best Users List

This was a very exciting moment for me on here! I remember smiling so much when I saw the comments too.

I think Yusuf added me there...

Never happened to me too

I came from 304 to 103!

5 First Follower

I got Jared on the first day but later he leaves Thetoptens but I always like & respect him. Good bless you Jared

I can't believe Britgirl and Righteous were the first 2 to follow me.

Pos was my first follower. I was extremely excited when I saw he followed me.

6 First Remix

I don't remember mine...

7 Getting Rejected

How is this a good thing?

It always happens

8 PM a Friend
9 Getting Upvoted
10 Reaching 100 Followers
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11 Making a Blog Post Series

I'm making one where I rage about stuff I hate. I'm not trying to rip off VelitelCabal Rages though. Not because I want to be popular, just because it's fun.

And having it as one of the best blog post series is an achievement.

12 Having a List That's the Most Popular New One

That happened to me once! It was "Worst Song Lyrics Of 2018! " I was so happy!

I did this yaaaz. I remember I got 3 lists once on the Top 10 Hottest New Lists and one of them got number 1

Never happened. Possibly will.

13 Commenting On A Blog Post
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