Top 10 Moments from The Fox and the Hound (1981)

An now we take a look back at some of the memorable moments from the first Disney animated movie of the 1980 decade The Fox and The Hound that follows the journey of a fox and a hound dog who become best friends as kids and then become enemies into adulthood.
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1 Copper Meets Tod

Todd and Coppers first meeting that would spark a unlikely friendship until they are pitted against each other into adulthood. - egnomac

Ooh, childhood memories.
This moment is so cute, I used to love it as a kid! - MistystreamtheWarrior

2 Widow Tweed Leaves Todd

In a desperate attempt to protect Todd from Amos Tweed drops him off in the forest far away so Amos won't reach him as she bids a sad farwell as Todd is left confused and as he tries to follow she gestures to him that he can't come as she drives off leaving Todd all alone. - egnomac

3 Copper Protects Tod from Amos Slade

Amos Slade, if you insist on hunting, that giant grizzly bear will fight to the last creature. There is nothing to be gained, but much to be lost for all of us. There are many voices around you, but you must listen to your own voice. Soften your heart, remember your mother

Amos Slade, I know you can live here on Earth, just so long as you take good care of the animals and their habitats instead of trying to destroy them all. The only ones who really belong here are the animals. All the rest of us have in common is our dream of a better life. All we got in common is planet Earth.

They don’t need to fight, because, as part of the canine family, they are one. If you shoot a fox, you’ll have to shoot your dog too. This is where the path of hatred has brought them.

After the bear attack is over Todd is left injured and despite helping save him from the bear Amos still wants to kill him until Copper stands in front of him to protect his former friend as Amos eventually lets him go.

4 Tod vs. Copper

Very intense scene as Todd and Copper now grown up and are forced to be enemies in this scene while Vixey flees Todd stays behind to fend off his former best friend Copper in a vicious stand off, upon seeing this its hard to believe these two were ever the best of friends. - egnomac

5 Big Mama Tells Tod the Cold Hard Truth

Naturally by nature, Big Mama, you think Tod and Copper are supposed to be enemies, but no. They’re both part of the canine family. The cold hard truth? I guess you need to keep looking

Todd tries to say goodbye to Copper before he, Amos and Chief leave for their hunting trip but misses them, as they leave Big Mama tells him the cold hard truth that he and Copper are actually enemies and that Copper is going to grow up to be a trained killer and if Todd continues to pal around with him he's going to end up dead, of course Todd being naive assumes that he and Copper will always be friends at which Big Mama responds "Forever is a very long time, and time has a way of changing people".

6 Bear Attack

While continuing to pursue Todd and Vixey Amos comes across a giant bear and even worse sets off one of his own traps and gets stuck and is unable to reach for his gun so Copper comes to his defense and despite the fact that Copper has been trying to kill him he goes back to help his former friend, - egnomac

7 Tod Reunites with Copper

Despite Big Mama's warnings Todd goes to see Copper anyway and even though he's happy to see him again Copper informs him that shouldn't be here and that their days of them being friends are over which is not what Todd wanted to hear and not long after Chief wakes up alerting Amos to his presence. - egnomac

8 Tod and Copper Pledge Eternal Friendship
9 Widow Tweed Snaps at Amos Slade

After Todd gets chased by Amos and Chief he takes refuge in Widow Tweeds car as she's carrying some milk after Amos shoots at them Tweed pulls the breaks on her car and looses it as he yells at Amos grabs his gun and shoots his radiator as he protests saying that Todd was after his chickens while Tweeds continues to vouch for Todd as Amos furious vowing that if he ever sees Todd again on his property he will kill him and this time he won't miss. - egnomac

10 Tod Meets Vixey

After a horrible first day in the wild Big Mama attempts to cheer him up with Vixey a female fox's help which as Tod becomes smitten with her. - egnomac

The Contenders
11 Widow Tweed Adopts Tod
12 Tod Gets Chased by Chief and Amos Slade

When Copper gets tied up after wandering off so many time he gets tied to his barrel and Todd shows up wanting to play with him but Copper tells him they can't since Chief is sleeping but of course Todd ends up waking him up and gives chase which causes a huge commotion as Amos comes out and tries to shoot Todd. - egnomac

13 “ Goodbye May Seem Forever “
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