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1 Goofy Gets Angry At Max Goofy Gets Angry At Max

A really well played out scene after finding out that Max changed map then lead them to LA instead of Lake Destiny Goofy is really upset which is rare to see Goofy ever get this mad as Max tries to lighten the mood which only angers Goofy even more not only did Max lie but he's also insulting his intelligence making him think he didn't notice what he just did eventually Goofy stops and stands over a stone railing as Max attempts to explain things to him as Goofy replies "Why bother, I'm probably too stupid to understand anyway! ". - egnomac

The picture above should be a meme.

2 Eye to Eye Goofy and Max Sneak Into the Powerline Concert Eye to Eye Goofy and Max Sneak Into the Powerline Concert

After the waterfall scene and Max tells Goofy of how he told Roxanne that he was going to the Powerline concert and she told everyone Goofy sneaks them into the concert so Max can get on stage and dance with Powerline and fulfill his promise to her and as expected things don't go as planned and the two eventually end up on stage with Powerline who doesn't seemed bothered by the fact that the two have snuck in and just goes with the flow as Goofy and Max perform the perfect cast movement as everyone follows suit meanwhile back home Roxanne and the others watch on in excitement. - egnomac

3 After Today
4 Max Snaps At Goofy

After Goofy embarrass Max at the opossum based theme park Max becomes incredibly frustrated as they get in the car Max lets out his frustration angry at Goofy for taking him away from his one chance with Roxanne and forcing him to go on this trip that he really didn't want to go on and then humiliates him in front of everyone at the park. - egnomac

5 Stand Out Max Takes Over the Assemble

In an attempt to impress Roxanne Max dresses u[ like pop star Powerline and with the help of Pete and Bobby takes over the assemble and performs "Stand Out" sending everyone into a frenzy until Principal Mauzer puts a halt to the whole thing landing the trio in trouble. - egnomac

6 The Open Road
7 Max Saves Goofy from Falling into the Waterfall
8 Goofy and Max Run from Bigfoot

While attempting to teach Max to fish for their upcoming fishing trip at Lake Destiny Goofy's lure grabs on to one of Pete's stakes and as he flings it across the lake it attracts Bigfoot who chomps onto it upon realizing this Goofy and Max run for the car as Bigfoot gives chase. - egnomac

9 Principal Mazur Calls Goofy

Following Max's stunt during the assemble Principal Mazur calls Goofy telling him about Max being in trouble telling him he was dressed as a gang member apparently Mazur is unfamiliar with Powerline and cause the whole student body to break into a riotous frenzy which is exactly what Pete had warned Goofy about earlier and Mauzer goes even further telling him he should reevaluate the way he's raising his son before in his words "HE ENDS UP IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR! " which is going a bit overboard. - egnomac

10 Max's Nightmare

During the opening scene Max fantasizes about him being with his crush Roxanne as they frolic through a field but things take a turn for the worst when Roxanne screams in horror when Max grows giant teeth as Max starts transforming into his worst fear the fear of turning into his father as Max literally becomes Goofy before giving off Goofy's signature laugh as Max wakes from his nightmare. - egnomac

That is the reason I hate Max

The reason I don't like the movie because of him!

I hate MA-X!

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1. Eye to Eye Goofy and Max Sneak Into the Powerline Concert
2. Goofy and Max Run from Bigfoot
3. Max Saves Goofy from Falling into the Waterfall
1. Eye to Eye Goofy and Max Sneak Into the Powerline Concert
2. Goofy Gets Angry At Max
3. After Today


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