Top 10 Moments from The Great Mouse Detective (1987)

The Top Ten
1 Big Ben Confrontation

After crashing into the Big Ben clock Basil has a showdown with Ratigan as Basil attempts to rescue Olivia, after she bites down on Ratigan's hand Basil she gets loose as Basil gets his cape stuck on the gears traping him while he and Olivia make a get away.

2 The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

Ratigan's song number as he and his henchman sing about he is the greatest criminal mind at one point one of his henchman upsets him and feeds him to his cat Felicia then orders his henchman to finish the song.

Vincent Price was such an amazing voice actor.

3 Ratigan Unleashes His Fury on Basil

After Basil and Olivia get away Ratigan goes from Dr. Jekell to Mr. Hyde and unleashes his inner rat as he chases after Basil and tears him apart literally as he slices him with his really sharp claws and knocks Bail off the clock and just when it seems Ratigan has one Basil has one trick up his sleeve as he distract Ratigan long enough for the Big Ben clock to ring right on time knocking Ratigan off to his death while dragging Basil along with him but thankfully Basil manages to survive using the broken flying contraption Ratigan used earlier.

4 Basil and Dawson Escape from Ratigan's Trap
5 Let Me Be Good to You

A musical number that takes place at the tavern Basil and Dawson sneak into which starts off nicely then picks up in an almost showgirl like feel to it as the singer and other dancers are now wearing way too revealing costumes as all the other guys become over excited and Dawson who drank the drugged drinks they got from the shifty bartender and server and gets up and dances along with the dancer.

6 Ratigan Feeds Bartholomew the Mouse to Felicia the Cat

During his song number one of his henchman Bartholomew while intoxicated blurts out that he's the world biggest rat which angers Ratigan that he stops the song and throws him out and calls upon his cat Felicia and devourse him as Ratigan then forces the gang to resume the song or else.

7 Tavern Brawl

After the song number "Let me be good to you" after Dawson gets drugged and dances with the female dancers and lands on the piano the piano player tries to hit him with a piece of board but ducks and accidently hits the large mouse behind him who looks really ticked off as he realizes his terrible mistake and as he goes to punch him he too ducks and he hits the piano that goes crashing into the band as a huge brawl erupts in the tavern at one point one of the mice pulls out a gun and shoots one of the lights as more gunshots are heard in the background as Basil gets Dawson and they follow Fidgit into Ratigan's hideout.

8 Dawson and Basil Are Caught

Basil and Dawson manage to infiltrate Ratigans hideout and as they are about to rescue Olivia they find themselves caught by Ratigan and his gang as Basil is left humiliated as Ratigan gloats about how he outsmarted him.

9 Fidgit Captures Olivia as Dawson and Basil Chase After Him

While searching for Fidgit inside a toy store Olivia is captured by the fiend as Basil and Dawson chase after him but fail as Fidgit makes off with Olivia and the stuff he stole.

10 Dawson and Olivia Meet Basil

Dawson and Olivia's first meeting with Basil as he makes one heck of an entrance as he appears in a ridicules disguise as he rushes past them with some evidence before Dawson asks who he is as Basil removes the mask revealing himself as Basil of Bakerstreet.

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