Top 10 Moments from Hercules (1997)

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1 Zero to Hero

After the battle with the Hydra Hercules is celebrated as a hero as the Muses sing "Zero to Hero" as a montage of Hercules defeating Hades other monsters as well all the fame and fortune.

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2 Hercules vs The Hyrda

An epic battle as Hercules fights off the Hydra who continues growing more heads after Hercules repeatedly cuts off its heads until there's an army of them as Hercules is left in a really bad spot but just as it seems curtains for him he is able to smash against the cliff side causing an avalanche as it buries the monster killing it in the process as Hercules breaks free from its clutches as he is celebrated as a hero by the towns people much to Hades displeasure.

3 Go the Distance

Very underappreciated song.

4 Hades Gets Angry at Pain for Wearing Hercules's Merchandise

My favorite Hades moment furious with his inability to kill off Hercules when he notices that Pain is wearing Hercules brand sandals as Hades becomes more and more angry as he yells out "I have 24 hours to get rid of this bozo or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke, AND YOU ARE WEARING HIS MERCHANDISE! " then stops and sees Panic drinking out of a Hercules drink up chuckles nervously and says "thirty" as Hades literally explodes.

5 Hercules Makes a Deal with Hades to Save Megara

After realizing Hercules one major weakness his love for Megara Hades uses her to trick Hercules into giving up his god like strength so he and the Titans can take over Mount Olympus after the deed is done Hades reveals that Meg had been working for him all along.

6 Megara Sacrifices Herself to Save Hercules

Meg pushes Hercules out of the way of a falling column that ends up crushing her as Hercules regains his god like strength thanks to the deal with Hades stating if anything happened to Meg he would get his strength back.

7 The Titans Conquer Mount Olympus
8 Hercules Jumps into The River of Styx to Save Megara

To save Meg's soul Hercules jumps into the river of Styx in the underworld as he attempts to save her before he succumbs to death.

9 One Last Hope Phil Trains Hercules

Hercules meets up with Phil who is reluctant to train Hercules as a hero but after some persuasion by Zeus Phil agrees though it starts off rough eventually Hercules is able to rise up and be the hero he was meant to be.

10 Hercules vs Nessus the Centaur

Hercules first test as he goes attmpts to save Meg from Nessus the Centaur though things don't go as smoothly but eventually Hercules is able to conquer the centaur though Meg isn't too impressed.

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11 Hera and Zeus finds out about Hercules' kidnapping
12 Hades trolls Zeus and Hera
13 A Star is Born
14 Zeus and Hera's Baby Shower
15 Hercules Reunites with His Parents
16 Hades Rages
17 Hermes warns Zeus and Hera about the Titans
18 Baby Hercules meets Baby Pegasus
19 Baby Hercules eats Zeus' lightning
20 Hera votes for Zeus

From the episode "Apollo Mission"

21 Zeus and Hear fight/argue
22 Hercules: "I'm a god!!!!"

From the episode "Tapestry of Fate"

23 The Movie End Credits
24 Hades Toast
25 Hermes cleaning his glasses
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