Top 10 Moments from Home on the Range (2004)

Home on the Range may be considered one the worst Disney movie and the animated movie that pretty much killed 2D animation for Disney until Princess and The Frog in 2009, and though it is a terrible movie it did manage to have a few good moments in them this list includes moments that were memorable and some moments that were not so great.

The Top Ten

1 Dynamite Scene

In my opinion the best scene in the whole movie as Maggie, Mrs. Caloway and Grace have Slim in the mine cart while the Willie brothers try to stop them as Lucky Jack smacks them with a frying pan and one of the brothers pulls hard on the brakes which causes sparks to fly from the cart and light up all the dynamite in the room their in as all the other characters all show up looking at the lit dynamite before all felling right before the explosion. - egnomac

I honestly love this movie... I can't help it, I think it's hilarious. - EvanTheNerd

2 Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo Alemeda Slim's Yodeling Scene

Alameda Slim uses his yodeling talents to hypnotize the other cattle including Maggie and Mrs. Caloway with the exception of Grace who's tone deaf as he puts them in a trance while causing them to dance madly as he leads them through path in the canyon Grace manages to bring Maggie and Caloway to their senses as Slim causes a rock slide to block the path behind him preventing Rico and his men from following him. - egnomac

3 Will the Sun Ever Shine Again?

During the scene we see Pearl as she's packed up pretty much everything as she looks over the old photos of Caloway and Grace missing the two along with the other animals. - egnomac

4 Little Patch of Heaven

The scene that introduces us to Pearl and her farm on Patch of Heaven as we are introduced to all the farm animals including Mrs. Caloway a cow who's pretty much the leader of the farm and Grace another cow who aids Caloway. - egnomac

5 Buck Finds Out Rico is Working for Alameda Slim

All throughout the movie all Buck could think about being ridden by his hero Rico and goes to great lengths to remain as Rico's partner even going as far as sabotaging Maggie and the others preventing them from catching Slim so he and Rico can catch him but Buck's dreams are shattered when he finds out that his hero is really working for Slim all along. - egnomac

6 Mine Chase
7 Maggie vs Mrs. Caloway
8 Maggie, Mrs. Caloway and Grace vs Alemada Slim

The cows arrive via train in time to stop Alemeda Slim from taking their home as they and the rest of the farm animals stop him as well as they send him into the train's steam engine and expose his true identity. - egnomac

9 Grace Does a Karate Kick Kicking the Cowbell Into Alemada Slim's Mouth

Its as ridicules as it sounds. - egnomac

10 Maggie Arrives in Patch of Heaven

After losing her home thanks to Alemeda Slim Maggie's owner takes her to Patch of Heaven where she is sold to Pearl, as she makes her big entrance is possibly one of most creditworthy way possible. - egnomac

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