Top 10 Moments from Incredibles 2 (2018)

The top moments from the long awaited sequel to the first Incredibles movie Incredibles 2 and while many people liked it I personally didn't think it was that good but despite the wasted potential it was still pretty decent.

The Top Ten

1 Boat Fight Scene

Violet and Dash along with Jack Jack sneak on board the boat and fight off the mind controlled super heroes while attempting to save their parents and Frozone. - egnomac

2 Helen vs Evelyn Deavor

Helen has a final showdown with Evelyn Deavor who's attempting to escape on a jet plane as she does everything to stop Helen including cutting off the oxygen making it harder as Helen starts staggering from the lack of oxygen as Evelyn assures her that superheroes will never be legal as Helen manages to shoot her oxygen tank sending her flying as she breaks the plane's window allowing Helen to use the oxygen mask and take control of the plane. - egnomac

3 Elastigirl Saves The Train

On her first mission Helen/Elastigirl attempts to stop a runaway train as she speeds through the city on her new bike, she reaches the train and finds the conductor hypnotized as she separates the train and jumps to the other and uses herself like a parachute to slow down the train before it falls off the track as she sighs in relieve she fails to notice the other part of the train crash into the other train cart though the train still manages to avoid going over the edge Helen tracks down the conductor and finds a message on the screen from The Screenslaver saying welcome back, Elastigirl. - egnomac

4 Stopping the Boat

While Helen is off fighting Evelyn Bob, Frozone and the kids attempt to stop the boat anyway they can. - egnomac

5 House Fight

Evelyn sends the mind controlled superheroes to the house where the Parrs are staying at to subdue the children as a fight scene breaks out as Frozone joins the fight and attempts to protect the kids but he too is hypnotized with the goggles as the Parr kids use the Incredibile to escape. - egnomac

6 Evelyn Deavor is Screenslaver

In a another not so shocking twist its revealed that Evelyn Deavor is really screenslaver after Helen is captured and tied as Evelyn reveals her hatred for super heroes in general after Gazerbeam and Fironic failed to save her father even though it wan't even their fault as her father failed to install the superhero hotline phones in the safe room and even then they never would have gotten there in time anyway, as she goes on about how superheroes keep humans weak and wants to use her mind control goggles to control superheroes so they would create chaos and it would result in superheroes being illegal forever which really doesn't make a lot of sense if you think about it. - egnomac

I personally didn't like Evelyn Deavor as the villain I have a real hard time buying into her motivations. - Loudhouserules

7 Elastigirl vs Screenslaver

This is really amazing fight sequence as Helen finds herself trapped in a small room with the lights making it too bright to see as Screenslaver attacks. - egnomac

8 Jack Jack vs Raccoon
9 Bob, Helen and Frozone Meet with Winston Deavor

After the battle with The Underminer and being chewed out for not staying out of the situation Frozone talks with Bob and Helen after meeting with Winston Deavor who wants to make super heroes legal again, as the trio arrive at the Deavor's as they meet with Winston and his sister Evelyn who's father was a huge supporter of the supers who was killed when robbers shot him as he was trying to make a call to Gazerbeam and Fironic and now wants to bring superheroes back into the light by sending them on secret missions and have them be record to regain faith in the public but for reasons that still make no sense they only want Elastigirl to do it. - egnomac

10 Underminer Battle

The movie opens right where the first movie left off as the Parr family attempt to stop the Underminer's machine from wrecking havoc in the city though they manage to stop the machine underminer gets away and they are arrested since superheroes are still illegal. - egnomac

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