Top 10 Moments from Lady and The Tramp (1955)

An now we look to the top moments from the Disney animated movie Lady and the Tramp a movie that follows two dogs from two different upbringings who meet and fall in love.
The Top Ten
1 Belle Notte Spaghetti Scene

The most iconic scene in Disney movie history Tramp invites Lady to have dinner with him at Tony's a restaurant where he frequently visits for a spaghetti dinner while Tony and Joe play for them with Tony singing the Belle Notte which is Italian for Beautiful Night.

Very iconic scene.

Best kiss scene in anything ever

don't eVEn TRy tO ArGue wiTh mE

2 Tramp Defends Lady from the Pack of Dogs

After escaping from Aunt Sarah after she has a muzzled put on her Lady runs off and gets chased by three vicious stray dogs at which Tramp comes to her rescue as he fends off the trio as he violently fends them off, in one scene he repeatedly bites down on one of the dogs legs and even bites on their necks before they eventually flee.

3 Jim Dear Gives Darling Lady as a Christmas Present

The opening scene in the movie where Jim Dear gives his wife Darling a present with Lady inside as a Christmas gift was based off an incident when Walt Disney himself presented his wife Liillian with a chow puppy as a gift.

4 Tramp Hunts Down the Rat

After yelling at Tramp for carelessly leaving her behind and for his past girlfriends Lady spots a rat going into the baby's room and while she tries to warn Aunt Sarah she of course doesn't pick up on this and yells at her to stop barking so she gets Tramp to sneak into the house and go after the rat which he does and even though a rat may not be that threatening they do carry disease so tramp goes into the nursery and chases after the rat until he kills it, in the process he accidentally knocks over the crib causing the baby to cry as Aunt Sarah comes in to check the on the baby and keeps Tramp locked up as well as Lady so she can call the dog pound to come get Tramp.

5 Crying in The Pound

Which happens right as Lady arrives at the pound as most of the dogs begin howling sadly with some of them even crying about being at the pound.

6 Jock and Trusty Save Tramp from The Dogcatcher

After hearing the news about how Tramp was actually saving the baby from a rat both Jock and Trusty go off to stop the dogcatcher carriage before it goes to the pound they manage to do so by scaring the horse causing the carriage to crash Tramp is set free but Trusty gets pinned underneath the wagons wheel as Jock sees his motionless body and mournfully howls over his friend.

7 He's a Tramp

The song number where Peg one of the dogs at the pound sings about Tramp.

8 Si and Am Get Lady in Trouble

This is the best part in the movie it reminds me of Cinderella that Lady as Cinderella and her stepmother like Aunt Sarah and her two Stepsisters Drizella as Si and Anastasia as Am.

Aunt Sarah's two Siamese cats emerge from the basket and begin causing mischief as Lady tries to prevent them from wrecking havoc but the two outsmart her they casue a huge commotion at whcih Aunt Sarah comes in and the two fain injuries at which Aunt Sarah shocked decides to get Lady a muzzle as Si and Am shake tails as to stick it to Lady.

9 Lady Confronts Tramp About His Past Girlfriends

After being set free from the pound Tramp shows up again but is meet with anger and disgust by Lady, Jock and Trusty as both Jock and Trusty leave Tramp tries to apologize for abandoning her when Lady then brings up some of Tramp's former girlfriends right after he says now who would hurt a little trick like you at which Lady who herd all about Tramp's girlfriends from the dogs she met at the pound then confronts him with "Trick, Trick that reminds me who is Trixie! " as Tramp is left speechless as Lady continues "and Lulu and Fifi and Rosita Chicita Wa Wa What's her name" as Tramp continues to stammer as Lady angrily tells him to leave as she throws back the bone he brought for her as goes back into the dog house and weeps as Tramp sadly leaves.

10 Beaver Frees Lady from Her Muzzle

Tramp ends up taking Lady to the zoo to get her muzzle taken off at which they meet a beaver and convince him that the muzzle is actually a log puller which he buys into after which he bites off the muzzle freeing lady and they let him keep the muzzle as he ends up getting tangles in it along with the log as both go down the into the river.

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