Top 10 Moments from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


The Top Ten

1 Zelda and the Sages Banish Ganondorf into the Sacred Realm

After dealing enough blows to Ganon, Zelda and the other stages come together to banish Ganondorf into the Sacred Realm which is a pretty cool scene as we see all of the stages appear. - egnomac

2 Ganondorf Rises from the Wreckage and Transforms

Even after Link defeated him and after the entire tower comes crashing down on him Ganondorf emerges from all the wreckage and uses the power of the triforce to transform him into the giant monster Ganon and to make matters worst he knocks the Master Sword from Link's hand and surrounds the area with flame wall preventing you getting the master sword. - egnomac

3 Link Leaves the Forest

After getting the Forrest Emerald and The Deku Tree dying Link is finally allowed to leave the forest and continue his quest and as he leaves Saria appears and after some more dialogue she gives Link her Ocarina in a very emotional moment as Link slowly walks back before going off as Saria watches Link as he leaves. - egnomac

4 Shiek  Reveals Herself to Be Zelda

After finally awakening the six sages Link returns to the Temple of Time where Shiek appears then reveals herself as Princess Zelda and reveals that she disguised herself as Shiek in order to hide from Ganondorf which proves to be a very costly mistake as Ganondorf for some reason finds out and captures her leading to Link to go to Ganon's Tower to rescue her. - egnomac

5 Link Awakens Seven Years into the Future
6 Bongo Bongo Escapes from the Well

After entering Kokiri village after clearing the Water Temple there's a huge fire in one of the houses as Link walks over to Shiek who stands in front of the well as a mysterious shadow creature pops out tosses Shiek around like a rag doll and Link attempts to stand up to the shadow monster only to get knocked out to. - egnomac

7 Everyone Celebrating After Ganondorf's Defeat
8 Darunia Dances After Playing Saria's Song
9 Zelda and Impa Escape from Hyrule Castle While Pursued by Ganondorf

After finally obtaining all the spiritual stones as you return to the castle a cut scene plays which is similar to Link's dream earlier in the game where the drawbridge lowers and Impa carrying Zelda flee on a horse with Zelda tossing the Ocarina of Time in the moat and Link is confronted by Ganondorf who orders him to tell him where they went when Link refuses to tell him he shoots a blast of light from his hand knocking Link back before continuing his pursuit. - egnomac

10 First Meeting with Zelda
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