Top 10 Moments from Lilo & Stitch (2002)

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1 Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

After Nani fails to get a job as a lifeguard thanks to Stitch's antics David convinces the group to take a break and go surfing and even though Stitch hates water he goes along for the ride.

2 Lilo and Nani Fight

Frozen has nothing on this scene, in a very powerful moment after Nani gets in trouble with the social worker after seeing Lilo was left all alone in the house and the condition of the house the two sisters get into a fight resulting in the two screaming at one another and you can really feel the frustration from the two Nani the older sister is left to look after her younger sister as her legal guardian after their parents died and is doing everything she can to prevent her from being taken away and Lilo who's also going through a rough time as well not having any friends and also dealing with the possibility of being taken away and also the lost of her parents with her sister having to act as her mom.

Way better sister fight scene then the one from Frozen.

3 Stitch Escapes

While being transported Stitch escapes and steals a space ship and activates the hyper drive which sends Stitch hurling towards Earth to Hawaii.

4 Aloha O'e

Another really emotional scene after being told that Lilo will be taken away by Cobra Bubbles Lilo and Nani sit tougher on the hammock as Nani sings Aloha O'e to her in which if you knew the meaning of the song it makes it all the more emotional.

5 He Mele No Lilo Opening

The opening song number as Lilo arrives late to her hula dance class after delivering a sandwich to Pudge the fish who we see earlier as she's leaving the water, Lilo manages to sneak in and joins in on the hula dance until one of slips on the water Lilo left behind while moving around the stage.

6 Where's Lilo?

After Lilo is captured by Captain Gantu Nani appears to confront him as she repeatedly attacks him demanding he tell her where Lilo is and as Stitch is trying to explain to her Jumba and Pleakley capture and arrest him before Nani demands that they tell her where Lilo is as Jumba and Pleakley inform her that they're only here to capture Stitch and really can't help her as Nani is left with the horrible realization that her sister is gone as she breaks down crying as Stitch wants to help her get Lilo back since its his fault she got captured in the first place and convinces Jumba and Pleakley to help as well.

7 Taken Away

I always felt bad for Nani whose doing everything she can to try and prove to the social worker that she can be good guardian to her little sister only for things to constantly go bad for them ans just the scene of her as she pleads with the social worker that Lilo needs her as she is taken away after the house is destroyed while she was out getting a job is just sad.

After the house is destroyed Cobra Bubble has Lilo taken away as Nani returns and pleads to not take her away telling him that she needs her as Cobra yells to her "IS THIS WHAT SHE NEEDS" looking at the destroyed house and goes further telling her that she needs Lilo a lot more than she needs her this causes Lilo to runaway as he runs into the forest and meets with Stitch who's holding the burnt photo of her and her parents as Lilo tells him he ruined everything and even more surprising to her he reveals he's also an alien which only makes her even more upset before Captain Gantu arrives and captures them.

8 The Rescue
9 Lilo Meets Stitch

Nani takes Lilo to the animal shelter so she can adopt a dog and runs into Stitch and decides to adopt him despite Nani and the shelter woman's displeasure.

10 House Explodes

While Nani leaves to get a job opportunity, the house gets attacked by Jumba who's going to take Stitch by force and ends up destroying the house in the process as Stitch fights him off and Lilo calls Cobra Bubbles about the aliens attacking her house as the whole house is destroyed after Junba's gun gets jammed.

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