Top 10 Moments from The Loud House Episode Really Loud Music

The top moments from The Loud House Season 3 episode Really Loud Music.

The Top Ten

1 What Have I Done?, Luna's Sad Song

Very emotional song after Doug and Michelle tell Luna that not only will they be changing her name to Lulu but that she won't even be singing at all and be forced to lip sync as she laments via a song "What Have I Done? " realizing what she's willing to give up just to perform and just wants to go back to being herself and playing her song, this song is very similar to such Disney songs like Reflection from Mulan, I'm Still Here from Treasure Planet, and even "Let it Go" from Frozen. - egnomac

I think Lulu is better than filthy old piece of garbage Luna. And she has a better outfit in that purple trashy look

I hated the Lulu gimmick Luna's is fine juts the way she is.

2 Luna Ditches the Lulu Gimmick and Performs Play It Loud

Luna tells Doug and Michelle that she wants to go back to playing her music and performing as her self and actually sing but they refuse telling her if she doesn't go on as Lulu then she won't be in the contest, the time comes for the competition and Doug and Michelle announce her as Lulu Loud much to the confusement of her family Luna realizes she can't go through with it and defies Doug and Michelle and performs "Play It Loud" instead as the crowd goes crazy as Doug and Michelle are furious with her change. - egnomac

3 Luna Looking Awkwardly as She Watches Her Parents Shake Their Butts Back and Forth

Love this moment.

Rita Loud has a nice butt.

Seriously this show has a huge butt fetish. - egnomac


4 Luan's Song (Luan's Laugh Parade)

This song sequence is very reminiscence of Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo. - egnomac

5 Best Thing Ever

This was stuck in my head for about a week when I first watched the episode.

We get to Lily's song playing on the radio "Best Thing Ever" as she dances as the other Loud family members and Clyde join in as people around the world including Mr. Grouse and the Casagranedes dance along as Luna finally gets the idea for a song she believes everyone will like. - egnomac

6 Lynn's Song (Get Pumped)
7 The Family Reaction to Luna's New Look

Luna returns home with her new look and everyone is shocked by her change with Leni mistaking her for Lola and even Rita mistakes her for one of Lori's friends until they tell her that its actually Luna. - egnomac

8 Doug and Michelle Force Luna to Change to Lulu

I prefer Lulu over white trash Luna

Luna goes to check out the place where they're holding the contest only for Doug and Michelle to show up and not pleased with Luna's rock star look and decide to change her to fit what they want her to be by changing her look to that of Lady Gaga. - egnomac

Reminds me of Lou Reed at his worst - Pointingfingers

9 Lola Grabbing Luna's Lulu Wig

Funny scene as Luna takes off the wig Lola jumps up and grabs it while screaming "MINE! " - egnomac

That was funny.

10 Lana and Lynn Stop Doug and Michelle from Sabotaging Luna's Performance

Seeing that Doug and Michelle are about to pull the plug on Luna's performance Lynn and Lana get on some cannons and blow the pair off the stage. - egnomac

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