Top 10 Moments from The Loud House

Some of the best, funniest, memorable or outrages moments from The Loud House.

The Top Ten

1 Luna's Crush is Revealed from L is for Love

Best moment and screw you haters you don't exist your hate comments mean nothing. - egnomac

Best moment in my opinion and what makes it great is that its not being in your face about it they handled it with care and a lot of respect.

Luna and Sam get so much hate for no good reason which is really sad cause personally the idea of a girl liking another girl isn't the worst thing to be featured in kids T.V. show despite what others may think. - Linkaloud

I absolutely hated this moment! In real life it's OK, but in children's T.V.? That's just sad.

2 Lincoln kisses Ronnie Anne from Save The Date

Did he get stuff after

Defiantly a memorable moment of the show - Spongehouse


Googoogaagaa lincoln is GAY!

3 Lincoln Takes the Fall for Lucy to Keep Her from Being Humiliated

Should probably be number one - Spongehouse

This moment could be good

4 Lynn Moves in with Lincoln from Space Invader

This moment is awesome in my opinion because its funny and because Lynn does her puppy dog face - Spongehouse

Following a fight with Lucy Lincoln allows for Lynn to stay with him from the night a decision he ultimately regrets she keeps him up all night with her bouncing her ball against the wall, her snoring, her wrestling him and even fating in the bed and covering him with the sheets. - egnomac

5 The Fight Scene from The Sweet Spot

In one of the most memorable fight scenes in the show all the Loud siblings race to get to the van and get the best seat in the car aka (The Sweet Spot) all erupting into an all out brawl that ultimately results in them destroying the Van. - egnomac

It was an epic battle! - Spongehouse

6 Lola vs Lincoln from Undie Pressure

This was so funny and entertaining - Spongehouse

7 Lynn's Backstory from Middle Men

Great moment as we get to see a little bit more on Lynn's backstory which explains why Lynn acts so aggressively due to her having a horrible time in her first year of middle school. - egnomac

This episode made me even more fond of Lynn - Spongehouse

8 Luna and Sam Hug as They Give Their Relationship Another Shot - Racing Hearts

My favorite moment in the episode.

Loved this moment. - egnomac

9 Luna's Flashback of Her First Concert from For Bros About to Rock

In this moment it shows Luna at her first concert which changed her life forever and started her love for music. - egnomac

A much better Luna-centric moment than the one where she turns out to be gay.

This is one of those moments everyone loves - Spongehouse

10 The sisters saying the things they love most about their brother from White Hare

Was a very sweet moment - Spongehouse

The Contenders

11 You Got Tricked - Luna's song from the Halloween special

One of the best songs in the show - Spongehouse

12 Lincoln's birth story from Not a Loud
13 The Loud family and Mcbride family sing for Mr. Grouse from 11 Louds A Leapin

One of the best Christmas ever created for the show on cable television.

14 The Louds Dress Up as Each Other from Cover Girls
15 Lucy Gets a Makeover from Back in Black
16 The Loud Parents go skinny dipping from Suite and Sour

It's just so funny! - Spongehouse

17 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

The first episode of the Loud House entirely focused on Ronnie Anne and Bobbie who are usually minor characters and introduces their family they should do more half hour specials like this heck they could do an entire spin off series with Ronnie Anne and her family. - egnomac

18 The Sisters Reaction When Lincoln Reveals he's Being Picked on by a Girl from Heavy Meddle

Lisa was especially funny in this scene - Spongehouse

19 Luna turns out to like girls from L is for Love

To quote Peter Griffin "That is awesome! ".

20 The Louds Get Even with Luan from Fool's Paradise

In the episode The :Louds send Luan to a Clown Camp to avoid another of Luan's April Fool's prankstarmageddon only to find themselves in motel triggered with booby traps with each family member falling victim to Luan's pranks at the end of the episodes they finally give Luan a taste of her own medicine they celebrate only for Luan to announce she's going to prank them even harder next year. - egnomac

The only good part of the episode in my opinion - Spongehouse

21 The Louds and the Casagrandes Reconcile Their Differences and Celebrate Thanksgiving at Flips - The Loudest Thanksgiving

Great ending to a great episode with both the Louds and the Casagrandes both coming together putting aside their differences and celebrating Thanksgiving at Flips. - egnomac

22 Lily says a swear word from Potty Mouth

I had no words...

23 Lincoln Meets Ronnie Anne's City Friends Casey, Nikki and Sameer From City Slickers

While visiting Ronnie Anne in the city Lincoln ends up meeting with her other friends from the city Casey, Nikki and Sameer. - egnomac

24 Ronnie Anne hugs Lincoln at the end from Loudest Mission
25 What Have I Done from Really Loud Music

Sad song Luna is better off being herself then a sell out. - egnomac

26 Lori and Bobby's Theoretical Family From Driving Ambition

During the episode Lori fantasized about her future of graduating from her dream college then getting married to Bobby and having 11 kids. - egnomac

27 "The Best Dang Brother Anywhere Around" from yes Man

One of the best endings in a Loud House episode.

28 Luan and Benny Kiss from Stage Plight
29 Lori Farts in Vanzilla from Tripped
30 Maria Smashes The Harp from Face The Music Featuring the Casagrandes

Pretty funny moment during Hector's birthday celebration as Carlos Sr. recites a poem for Hector while Maria plays the harm before smashing it like a guitar. - egnomac

31 Ronnie Anne Meets Sid Chang from Friended with The Casagrandes
32 Goat Babies from Stall Monitor

During the episode Lincoln tries to delay his parent teacher conference out of fear his teacher has bad things to say about him one of this moments includes Liam having his Meemaw bring Carol Anne a pregnant goat who finds the spicy sandwich he left in his desk which apparently causes Carol Anne to go into immediate labor as Liam's Meemaw hollers in excitement telling Mrs. Johnson that there about to have themselves some goat babies and to clear her desk to use as a birthing bed as Carol Anne literally gives birth in classroom as all the other parents overhear this. - egnomac

33 The Louds Make Luan Cry from Fool Me Twice

She totally deserved making her think that they were moving after she humiliated them and she cries only for them to reveal it to be a late April Fools prank they should have added at the end that if she ever pranks them again they will send her to an Insane Asylum.. - egnomac

34 The Family Makes Luan Cry by Making Her Think that They Were Moving from Fool Me Twice

What!? This was the worst part to a great episode! I don't care at ALL about all the pranks she did, she doesn't deserve it!

The only saving grace for this episode - Spongehouse

They should have beat the s-t out of Luan.

35 The Loud Kids find out why Myrtle acts the way she does from Insta-gran

At frist the kids become fed up with Mrtyle constantly smothering them all the time until they learn while attending her birthday party that she really doesn't have a family and really lonely. - egnomac

36 The Loud Kids assure Lynn Sr. that he doesn't play favorites from Home of the Fave
37 Lisa and Darcy make up from Friend or Faux

After Lisa is punished by her teacher for pretending to be friends with Darcy in order to get a passing grade in social skills she sulks about this grade will affect her future when Darcy comes over to comfort her as the two make up and become friends for real. - egnomac

Very sweet moment. - egnomac

38 Leni and Luan do the Macarena from Cover Girls
39 Lincoln and Lucy try to solve the case from Slueth or Consequences
40 Lisa's time travel from The Mad Scientist

Realizing her mistake to leave her family to stay at an institute Lisa uses her time machine which she had made earlier to send herself to the past and prevent herself from going in the first place. - egnomac

41 Lynn Rides a Shopping Cart from Cereal Offender
42 The Screaming Goat from The Write Stuff

This was just weird while Rita takes the writing class to zoo looking for them to write an story from one of the animals point of view we then cut to a goat who has the same hairstyle as Lucy and screams as Lucy becomes fascinated with it. - egnomac

43 Luna Performs Along Side Chunk at the Royal Rumble from Roadie to Nowhere
44 Lincoln Becomes Linka from One of The Boys

Weird moment but funny. - egnomac

45 The crap hits the fan from Two Boys and a Baby

After Lincoln and Clyde change Lily's diaper using one of Lisa's machines to do so they still have to deal with the dirty diaper Lincoln tries to grab it with fishing rod which sends it into the ceiling fan and makes a huge mess. - egnomac

46 Lynn Sr. dresses up and acts like a princess from Home of the Fave
47 The Loud Kids watch the TV together from Left in the Dark
48 The Loud Kids trying to be quite and well behaved (The Ties That Bind)
49 The Loud Sisters get Lincoln his Cereal from Cereal Offender
50 Luna Splits Her Pants from Making the Case
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