Top 10 Moments That Made Undertale Fans Feel Bad for the Characters


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1 His last dying words to Papyrus (Sans)

His words actually changed my life for the better. I'm no longer the dark person I was. I literally cried during this.

Again I cry


The one thing he actually holds dearly onto.
My evidence?
(Not 100% canon)
In a neutral run, killing only Papyrus...
*why did he not deserve your mercy?
-Sans in the Final Corridor
After killing Papyrus, he straight up disappears from the plot. He doesn't offer Grillby's, doesn't sell you hot dogs? or hot cats, he just fades away.
When on a Genocide path, sparing Papyrus will cause him to say...
*look, I really appreciate what you did back there.
-Sans on a now-Neutral run
He reappears from the plot, however not as majorly.

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2 Never being able to see him again at the end of the game (Asriel Dreemurr)

That's sadder than Sans's stupid dying words.

No, I don't like Sans. -braces for hate-

Repeat the same thing!
Sans is way sadder.

3 Realizing WHO they are actually made out of (The Amalgamates)
4 Finding out about her super-secret backstory (Alphys)
5 Learning how he is literally unable to feel emotion (Flowey)
6 Being driven clinically insane by her own fandom's stupidity in Alphys Hoek (Alphys)
7 Being murdered in cold blood by the child she trusted (Toriel)
8 Seeing that she is still sane enough to remember who she is (Snowdrake's Mother)

That's just sad - Antifi

9 Saving him during the final battle against him (Asriel Dreemurr)
10 His pre "death" speech at the end of the pacifist Mettaton EX battle (Mettaton)

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11 Still believing in you even after you mercilessly chop his head off (Papyrus)

I cry

12 Watching her try to cook (Undyne)

Lol go look at the fan art regarding her cooking looks like John Cena cooking
Like a beast

13 Watching as Chara brutally and mercilessly slices him to shreds at the end of the Genocide Run (Flowey)
14 The Giantess Alphys scene from Alphys vs Undyne (Alphys)
15 Giantess Undyne X Alphys: Fetishistic Boogaloo (Alphys)
16 The whole "buttercups" prank that Chara pulled on him (Asgore)
17 The "Queen Alphys" ending (Alphys)
18 Dying in one measly hit as Mettaton NEO (Mettaton)
19 Seeing how he is still just an adorable little puppy on the inside (Endogeny)
20 Discovering how truly messed-up his family is (Snowdrake)
21 Seeing how unpopular he is on the Internet in-game (Papyrus)
22 Seeing the types of cooking lessons that Undyne gave him (Papyrus)
23 Watching it try and fail repeatedly to get its cheese (The Mouse)
24 Realizing that the only thing it has left to provide joy to its life is people saying its name (Heats Flamesman)
25 Learning how he got his nickname (Burgerpants)
26 Learning how much Mettaton abuses him on a daily basis (Burgerpants)
27 Just looking at him (Whimsun)
28 Watching him fight you over and over, knowing that you will eventually beat him anyway (Sans)
29 That moment when Mettaton completely and utterly humiliates her on live television (Alphys)
30 Finding out that it is a fusion of Shyren and Aaron (Lemon Bread)
31 Learning that the entire Hotland segment of the game was actually nothing more than a big show to help her boost her self-esteem (Alphys)
32 Watching him lie on the floor, forever alone without Mettaton (Napstablook)
33 Watching her as she slowly and painfully melts to her death (Undyne)
34 Driving her to suicide (Alphys)
35 Overencouraging it to death in Thundersnail (The Snail)
36 Watching it go to college and still be just as stupid as she was before (Temmie)
37 Every time he ends up having to suffer through one of Sans' awful puns (Papyrus)
38 His speech about how terrible of a father he is (Snowdrake's Father)
39 Her photo of herself as a literal trash can, reflecting her self-image of herself (Alphys)
40 That moment when she finally takes the Amalgamates outside and admits to the general public what she's done (Alphys)
41 Being permanently fired from her job by Toriel (Alphys)
42 Learning the true reasons why she broke up with Asgore (Toriel)
43 Learning about his origins (Gaster)
44 Killing one of them and watching the other one break down in hopelessness (Dogi)
45 Removing the mess of random decorations from its horns (Gyftrot)
46 Seeing how he is literally too germaphobic to live (Woshua)
47 Realizing that ther Vegetoid mouths are actually her eyes (Snowdrake's Mother)
48 Realizing that it literally thinks its lava heals people (Vulkin)
49 Seeing how much people hate on him for being a worthless furry fetish character (So Sorry)
50 Watching as his entire head gets viciously mauled off by man-eating butterflies (Everyman)
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