Top 10 Moments from Monsters Inc. (2001)

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1 Door Chase

Best final showdown in disney movies!

Possibly the most memorable scene in the movie as Mike and Sully attempt to get to Boo's door while riding on the door line while being pursued by Randal as they go on one wild ride as they go from door to door. - egnomac

2 Scare Floor Scene

The monsters get ready for work as Sully and the other monsters slowly walk in as if they were going to war, as their work begins going into doors to scare kids and collect their screams. - egnomac

3 2319 CDA Scene

Druing the scare floor scene one of the monsters sees a sock on stuck on Geroge's back after returning from the door he just walked through and calls out "2319" which causes the entire scare floor to be shutdown as the Child Deduction Agency or CDA as they safety remove the sock from George and blow it up but they don't stop there as poor George is then shaved and showered until he's left bald and now has a cone around his head before they turn him around and rip out one piece of hair or something from his back as he screams in agony. - egnomac

4 I'm Watching You Wazowski Always Watching You

The scene where Mike goes to see Roz as he prepares for work only for Roz to tell him he didn't file his paper work as Mike tries to get her to overlook it as Roz replies "Don't let it happen again" and as he's walking off Roz says "I'm Watching you Wizowski always watching you". - egnomac

5 Opening Simulation

The opening scene in which we see a monster getting ready to scare a kid before he freaks out trips gets hit in the face with a ball and falls on some jacks as he scampers around the floor as the whole thing to be a simulator as the director calls him on the one major thing he did wrong which was leaving the door open. - egnomac

6 Sully Scares Boo

So emotional. - DarkKnight2005

While running away from Randal Sully runs into Mr. Waternoose who wants him to demonstrate for the other monsters on how to scare properly at which Sully doesn't want to do right now given the current situation but Waternoose insists and directly orders him to roar as Sully unleashes a terrifying roar that not only scares the hell out of the simulation kid but Boo who just happens to be standing right there as she is now terrified by him that she runs when he tries to comfort her. - egnomac

7 Mr. Waternoose Gets Arrested

After escaping from the CDA Sully with Boo is pursued by Waternoose as Sully gets her home only for Mr. Waternoose to confront him where he reveals his whole plan of kidnapping children and take their screams by force all to save his dying company as he states "I'll kidnap a thousand children before I let this company die" as he shoves Sully aside to grab Boo only to grab the simulator kid as his entire plan was recorded and seen by Mike and the CDA as he is arrested. - egnomac

8 Boo Beats Up Randal

During the door chase Randal has Sully dangling on the door he's in as he attempts to knock him off as Boo overcomes her fear of him as she attacks him hitting him with a plastic baseball bat allowing Sully to recover and restrain Randal so he can send him through another door leading to a trailer park where he is mistaken for alligator and beaten as well. - egnomac

9 Sulley and Mike Get Banished

After finding out about Randal's plan to force screams from children the two go to Waternoose but in a turn of evens his in on the whole thing and banished them to the Himalayas as they take Boo and proceed to use the machine on her. - egnomac

10 Restaurant Scene

While Mike and Celia are having dinner at Harryhausen restaurant Sully comes in with Boo in the bag as he tells Mike in private that while going to get his paperwork he found Randal in one of the doors and also about the Boo who has snuck out of the bad and causes a huge commotion as the monsters all panic and the CDA is called in as Mike and Sully escape while Celia is left behind the restaurant before it is quarantined - egnomac

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11 Yeti Introduction
12 Randall Becomes the Top Scarer

For a brief amount of time.

13 Sulley reunites with Boo
14 Mike gets kidnapped
15 Mike Gets Bit by a Little Monster and Screams
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