Top 10 Moments from Monsters University (2013)

The top moments from the Disney Pixar movie Monsters University which is a prequel of sorts to Monsters Inc. though not Pixar's best efforts its still a decent Pixar movie.

The Top Ten

1 Escape from The Human World

After Mike and Sully are stranded in the human world after Hardscrabble deactivates the door awaiting the arrival of the authorities, realizing the only way to activate the door from their side is to generate enough scream energy by scaring the rangers at first Sully isn't keen on the idea as the rangers are grown adults and much harder to scare, the two agree on the idea as Mike sets it up as Sully unleashes a powerful roar that terrifies the rangers and not only powers up the door but fills up all the scare tanks in the room as the pair escape just as the door explodes. - egnomac

2 The Library Battle Challenge

The next challenge in the scare games as the teams must retrieve their flag without getting caught by the monstrous librarian, at first they try quietly sneaking through the library but as the other teams quickly grab their flags Sully rushes to get the flag but alerts the librarian as the Oozma Kappa's cause a series of distractions to lure her away and since she's near sighted the only way they can actually get eliminated is for her to grab one of them, they manage to escape the library without being grabbed and managed to snag their flag allowing them to advance. - egnomac

3 Mike and Friends Sneak Into The Monster Inc. Factory

Looking to inspire the team Mike convinces the group to sneak onto the Monsters Inc. factory and watch from the window and watch the other monsters inside on the scare floor as Mike points out to how there's not one type of scarer and the best scarerer's use their differences to their advantage. - egnomac

4 Mike and Friends Escape from Security Guards

While at the Monsters Inc. factory the group are spotted by security as Art hilariously yells "I CAN'T GO BACK TO JAIL! " as the group flee. - egnomac

5 Toxic Ball Race Challenge

The first challenge in the scare games sees the teams navigating through a tunnel filled with glow urchins while in the dark, despite Mike and Sully finishing second in the race since the rest of the team didn't finish along side with them and end up last but are saved from elimination when one team is busted for cheating. - egnomac

6 Scare Games Championship Finals

The final challenge in the scare games which is the simulator as the O.K. and The R.O.R's square off and though it seems the O.K. are going to lose Sully unleashes a massive roar that manages to tie the score as Randal gets shaken up and botches his scare, then it comes down to Mike who scores the win for the O.K.'s. - egnomac

7 Mike Finds Out Sully Rigged the Machine During the Final Scare Challenge

The Oozma Kappa's win the scare games as Mike wins the decisive final scare but Mike soon notices that Sully secretly rigged the machine to give Mike a maximum score - egnomac

8 Mike, Sully and The Oozma Kappa's Get Humiliated By the Roar Omega Roars

During this scene Mike, Sully and the rest of the Oozma Kappa fraternity are humiliated at the hands of the Roar Omega Roar fraternity as they drop paint on them then proceed to fire confetti at them and dump flowers on them as everyone laughs at their humiliation. - egnomac

9 Mike Meets Sully

The scene where Mike and Sully first meet although in the original Monsters Inc. movie it was said that they knew each other in grade school which is a bit of a pothole in the Monsters Inc.timeline. - egnomac

10 Accidentally Breaking Dean Hardscrabble's Scream Can

After Mike and Sully get into an argument they accidentally knock over Dean Hardcrabble's prized scream can releases the scream inside as Hardscrabble shows up unhappy with what they did and fails them both right on the spot and cites Sulley for his laziness and Mike despite having the knowledge to scare is not scary. - egnomac

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