Best Moments From the Motion Picture Man of Steel

The Top Ten

1 Clark's first flight

It was a really great presentation of Clark's first flight, with that intensity that he's starting to fly and than bang, like a bullet he's in the skies, Man Of Steel is born - MatrixGuy

2 Zod's arrival to Earth

The spectacular appearance of Zod with the viral video : "You Are Not Alone... - MatrixGuy

3 Lois interrogating Man Of Steel

A Funny Moment where Lois almost says that S can be referred to S... - MatrixGuy

4 Man Of Steel VS Zod final fight

This fight scene was phenomenal! I was looking forward to this scene since I discovered Zod would be the villain in the film, because I loved Terrence Stamp's version of Zod in Superman II and this fight. Was. AWESOME! It showed two Kryptonian enemies with conflicting ideals unleashing absolute carnage on each other, and I was absolutely biting my nails with every second and every blow dealt. The end of the fight God! I was not expecting it to be so brutal for Superman's character development. Then again, I look back and see that it was the best way it could have gone, it was inevitable. If Superman had carried on fighting him, then there'd be no humans left for him to save, and killing Zod was inevitable, and really well-done in my opinion.

An epic battle which reminded me the final Neo VS Agenth Smith fight from "Matrix Revolutions" - MatrixGuy

5 The Part Time flashbacks of Clark's early years on Earth, becoming the Man that Jonathan and Martha wanted to become

For Ex : "The world's too big, Mom" scene when Martha teaches Clark to control his abilities - MatrixGuy

6 Faora's speed and fight's

At one point she even kicks Superman's ass - MatrixGuy

7 The Tornado Scene

It was really impressive Jonathan's decision - MatrixGuy

8 The Truck Revenge

A truck transformed into a piece of installation art - MatrixGuy

9 The Krypton Scenes

The beginning of Man Of Steel is an amazing presentation of Krypton, and their technology was awesome - MatrixGuy

10 The world engine's power as smashes everything

An amazing moment when Zod is trying to reform Earth to Krypton - MatrixGuy

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