Top 10 Moments from Mulan (1998)

Now time to look at some of the most memorable moments from one of my personal favorite Disney movies Mulan the story of a girl who defies tradition and takes her father's place in the army to not only save him but save her families honor.
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1 Mulan is Praised as a Hero for Saving China

After defeating Shan Yu the Emperor appears and begins to list off all of the crimes Mulan has committed including stealing her father's armor, running away from home, impersonating a soldier, deceived her commanding officer, dishonored the Chinese army, destroyed his palace but despite all this she saved all of China as everyone including the Emperor bow in respect and honor to her.

Mulan and her friends, Yao, Ling, and Chan Po have saved the good and honorable Emperor. That’s gonna kill the Matchmaker

Best moment obviously.

2 I'll Make a Man Out of You Army Training

Let's get down to business to defeat, The Huns

Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons

You're the saddest bunch I've ever met but you can bet before we're through

Mr. I'll make a man out of you.

. Every young person between 5 and 25 knows every word to this song, every inflection, etc. I’ve watched gang of teens stop just to sing along while it was in T.V..

I love this scene.

LGBT stands for
Get down to
To deafest the Huns

3 Reflection

The predecessor to Frozen's "let it Go" After the meeting with the matchmaker goes sour and Mulan is left in disgrace after being told that she may look like a bride but she will never bring her family honor Mulan sings as she goes through a identity crises wanting to make her family proud while pretending to be what her culture expects her to be which is not who she wants to be and to be herself will only bring shame and disgrace to her family.

4 Mulan Take Her Father's Place in the Army

With no other choice Mulan steals her fathers armor and runs away to take his place in the army.

5 Mulan Returns Home

A really powerful and emotional scene Mulan returns home to her family expecting to be reprimanded for her actions she presents her father with the sword of Shan Yu and the crest of the emperor but her father but he tosses them aside not even looking at them as he embraces her with a hug telling her "The greatest honor is having you for a daughter" while telling her how much he missed her.

6 Mushu Appears to Mulan

Right before entering the training camp Mulan is surprised by Mushu who appears to her in the shadows while putting on a spectacle show telling her he's was sent by her ancestors to help her out but when he actually reveals his actual self Mulan is a bit let down as her horse stomps on him as Mulan questions how he can possibly be any help to her given his small size.

All right that's it dishonor, dishonor on your whole family, make a not of this, dishonor on you dishonor on your cow.

Mushu is basically a lizard.

7 Mulan Retrieves the Arrow

During the "I'll Make a Man Out of You" song number Mulan fails to keep up and Shang unhappy with her performance sends her home, just as Mulan is about to leave she decides to stay and attempt to retrieve the arrow Shang shot earlier at the top of a very tall log using the tools given to them and though she struggles with this she finally realizes how to use both sets of tools to reach the top as the sun rises as all the others cheer her on in amazement until Mulan finally reaches the top and throws the arrow at the ground proving her worth of serving in the army.

8 "I Know My Place, It's Time You Learned Yours"

After her father is ordered to serve in the army Mulan protests this decision because of his age and previous war injuries she fears he will die but her father stubbornly refuses to give in stating its an honor to serve the Emperor as Mulan continues to argue with him he scolds her with "I KNOW MY PLACE, ITS TIME YOU LEARNED YOUR'S! ".

9 Mulan Causes an Avalanche

During the battle in the snowy mountains the troops find themselves in a real bad spot badly out numbered by the Hun army as they prepare to lay their lives on the line with only one cannon left at their disposal which Shang plans to use on Shan Yu but with quick thinking Mulan uses the canon to cause a massive avalanche of snow to take out the entire Hun clan.

10 A Girl Worth Fighting For

To be fair, this is the only song in the whole movie I don't like.

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11 Bring Honor to Us All

As Mulan is being prepared for meeting the matchmaker this song plays.

12 Mulan and the Others Arrive a the Burned Village

A very powerful scene one which interrupts the previous song "A girl worth fighting for" as Mulan and the other soldiers arrive at the village which has been burned down and destroyed by the Hun army as we then see a sea of dead bodies many of who were soldiers who were stationed there one of them being Shang's father.

13 Mushu's Dishonor Rant


14 Bathing Scene

The time when Mushu squeezes a dollop of toothpaste straight into his mouth was always funny to me.

Funniest scene possibly.

15 Mushu Kills The Great Stone Dragon
16 Chicken Boy? Say that to My Face!

After Mushu ends up giving Mulan some really bad advice on how to act towards the other soldiers as he first tells her to punch one of the soldiers Yao then tells her to slap him in the butt which she actually does as Yao dose not take kindly to her gesture as he is ready to punch her before Chin Po restrains and calms him Yao then says your not worth my time chicken boy as Mushu takes offense to this and responds "CHICKEN BOY, SAY THAT TO MY FACE YOU LIMP NOODLE! " which angers Yao as he grabs Mulan and gets ready to punch her but she ducks and he hits Ling who happens to be standing behind her for some reason as he really clobbers him as Mulan tries to get away Yao and Ling scuffle before the two along with Chin Po chase after her and ends up running into the line of soldiers waiting in line for food as they all topple over each other leading to all of them to go after Mulan and a whole fight takes place.

17 When Mushu said “You missed! How could you miss?! He was three feet in front of you!”

Utterly hilarious!

18 True to Your Heart True to Your Heart Cover Art
19 Mulan and the Others Use Their Army Training to Sneak into the Palace After the Emperor is Captured

After Shan Yu and his remaining Hun army launch a sneak attack during the ceremony they capture the emperor and lock themselves in the palace as everyone attempts to get in and save the emperor Mulan has a plan to get in by having Yao, Chin Poe and Ling to disguise themselves as maidens and use the same technique they used when retrieving the arrow from the giant pole as Shang also joins in as they are able to get in to save the emperor.

20 "Shame on You, Shame on Your Cow"
21 Shan Yu Attacks the Palace
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