Top 10 Moments from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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1 This is Halloween Opening Song

The Opening song that intrduces the audiance to the world of Halloween town

Boys and girls of every age
wouldn't you like to see something strange
come with us and you will see this our town of Halloween
This is Halloween, this is Halloween
pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween everybody make a scene trick r treat till the neighbors are gonna die of fright

2 Jack vs Oogie Boogie

After being gunned down by the military Jack returns to Halloween Town and shows up in time before Oogie Boogie can finish off Sally and Santa and a fight ensues as Oogie uses every trick at his disposal before narrowly escaping until jack gets the loose string from Oogie Boogie tangles in his machine ripping off his thread that's keeping him together revealing his entire body made up of bugs as Oogie cries out my bugs over and over as they fall in his cauldron until only one is left and is squashed by by Santa.

3 Kidnap The Sandy Claws

The song number sung by the trio Lock, Shock and Barrel as they plot to kidnap Sandy Claws, side note all three characters are voiced by Danny Elfman, Catherine O' Hara and Paul Rubens aka Pee Wee Herman.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are so underrated!

4 Santa Meets Oogie Boogie

After Lock, Shock and Barrel capture Santa and bring him to Jack so he can take his hat the trio take Santa to Oogie Boogie's lair where Santa comes face to face with Boogie who breaks into a song number.

5 Jack Sets Himself on Fire and Jumps into the Well

In the finale of the opening song Jack is brought in as the scarecrow from earlier and comes to life as he sets himself on fire while everyone watches in amazement as he leaps into the well then seconds later emerges revealing his skeleton form as the other monsters go "LALALALALALALALA" as they cheer and give a hand of applause to Jack.

6 What's This? Jack Arrives in Christmas Town

After wondering through the woods Jack comes across door with a Christmas Tree and as he opens it which leads him to Christmas Town as he becomes amazed by the strange new world around him via the song number "What's This? ".

7 Making Christmas

After discovering about Christmas Jack and the rest of the town decide to put to their own spin on the holiday season by making their version of Christmas.

8 Jack and Sally Declare Their Love for Each Other
9 Jack's Lament

After the opening song sequence Jack becomes depressed tired of doing the same thing year after year and wanting something different.

10 Dr. Finkelstein Creates Sally
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11 Jack's Toys Attack the Kids

After Jack delivers the presents the kids all over town are horrified by the toys made by the folks of Halloween town as they chase after the children while the kids scream in horror possibly one of the scarier moments is the wreath that attacks the old lady and all we see is her shadow as she screams.

12 Oogie Boogie Gets Unraveled
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