Top 10 Moments from Non Disney Animated Movies that Made Us Happy Cry

Disney has produced a lot of moments that made us cry happy for joy but its time to focus on the non Disney movies for a change the moments from these movies that for the most part made audiences cry tears of joy though these scenes may vary.

The Top Ten

Fievel Reunites with His Family - An American Tail

After being separated from his family for nearly the entire movie and giving up all hope on finding him it finally pays off when Fievel is finally reunited with his family in a very emotional scene. - egnomac

Manny and Sid Reunite the Baby with His Father - Ice Age

After spending a majority of the movie protecting the human baby after Diego is presumed dead after the battle with the other Sabers, Manny and Sid finally reach the humans and nearly risk getting attacked until Manny presents the father with his lost kid as they say their final goodbyes as Diego appears giving his goodbye to the kid. - egnomac

Anastasia Reunites With Her Grandmother and Regains Her Memory - Anastasia

Dimitri actually figures out that Anya is in fact the real Anastasia and while tying to present her to her Grand Mother The Dowager Empress Marie things take a turn for the worst when Marie reveals that he is actually a con man who's been holding auditions to find a Anastasia look a like and unfortunately Anya over hears the conversation realizing she's been duped by him just so he could get her money and slaps him before leaving, still determine to reunite these two at all cost Dimitri kidnaps Marie and has her at least talk to Anya as she regains her memory as the two converse as Marie finally convinced that she is in fact Anastasia as they joyfully reunite. - egnomac

Little Foot and the Other Reunite with Their Family's - The Land Before Time

After facing so many dangers along the way Little Foot and his new friends finally reach the Great Valley and reunite with their families except for Spike who is taken in by Ducky and her family, and Little Foot find his grandparents. - egnomac

Tulip Finds Her Family - Storks
Balto Returns with the Medicine and Is Finally Accepted by the Town - Balto

Balto and the rest of the dog sled team finally arrive home after Steel abandoned the team and tried to get them lost with the medicine to save the sick children the people of Nome are overjoyed and finally accept Balto after years of shunning and mistreating him as he is branded a hero. - egnomac

Johnny's Dad Breaks Out of Jail to See Him - Sing

Johnny's relationship with his father becomes strained after Johnny bails during a robbery leaving his father and the others to get caught after revealing that he was at a rehearsal and wanting to become a singer instead of being in his gang his dad pretty much disowns him, later during the show during Johnny's performance his father sees it on the T.V. from jail and is amazed by Johnny's performance that he breaks out of jail just so he can tell him he did a good job and that he was proud of him. - egnomac

I loved that scene.

Chuckie Gets a Mom - Rugrats In Paris
Arnold's Reunited with His Parents - Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie
Thumbelina Reunites With Cornelius and Earns Her Wings - Thumbelina

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Peabody Adopts Sherman - Mr. Peabody and Sherman
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