Top 10 Moments from Oliver and Company (1988)


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1 Why Should I Worry? Why Should I Worry?

During the scuffle with Louie Dodger splits from Oliver who feels cheated as he helped him get those hot dogs as he chases after him as Dodger sings "Why Should I Worry? " as Dodger always manges to stay one step ahead as Oliver fails to get back those hot dogs. - egnomac

2 Subway Chase

After Oliver, Dodger and the gang rescue Jenny from Sykes they get pursed by him into the subway as Dodger and Oliver fend of Rosco and DeSoto who are knocked off the car and are electrocuted to death from the all the sparks caused by Sykes car which untimely leads to Tito steearing Fagin's scooter onto the bridges cables as Sykes throws Dodger and Oliver off as his car runs directly into an upcoming train and is killed. - egnomac

3 Oliver Meets The Gang

Oliver follows Dodger to his hideout where he and his gang are after giving them the hot dogs to eat he tells them the story of how he got them and exaggerates and during the middle of the story Oliver comes crashing down as the gang unhappy that Oliver is there and are ready to pounce on him until Dodger explains that the kids with him and its only then that they realize the story Dodger has been telling was bogus. - egnomac

4 Once Upon a Time in New York City

The movie opens to the song performed by Huey Lewis as we see little Oliver as he and the other kittens are being adopted by people passing in the street until only Oliver is left as he nearly falls in the sewer drain after the rain causes the box he's in to tear as he is then chased by a pair of dogs and eventually takes shelter within a a truck's wheel. - egnomac

5 Oliver Slashes DeSoto's Nose

As Rosco and DeSotot are about to leave DeSoto finds Oliver with the intention of eating him as Oliver scrathes at his nose casuing him to go off in an angry rage before the gang step in preventing him from getting near Oliver until Sykes calls for him and Rosco. - egnomac

6 Don't Want to Mix with the Riffraff

Dodger and the gang rescue Oliver from Jenny's place with help from Georgette however Oliver is not too happy that they took him from Jenny as he fails to explain himself as Dodger takes offense to this claiming that he and the gang risked a lot get him out and feels a bit betrayed by Oliver who they had taken in and made him part of their gang and basically to them he's part of the family and now feels that since Oliver got a taste of the good life he no longer wants to pal around with them. - egnomac

7 Perfect Isn't Easy

George's song as she wakes from her sleep and prepares herself for the day as she sings about its not easy being as perfect as she is. - egnomac

8 Oliver Gets Taken In By Jenny
9 Dodger and Oliver Steal Louie's Hot Dogs
10 Tito Gets Electrocuted

While Francis distracts Winston Tito and Oliver go in the limo as Tito tries to steal the radio to give to Fagin so he can sell it when the Oliver accidentally slips on the car keys and Tito gets shocked as he's sent flying out of the limo into the alley. - egnomac

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1. Why Should I Worry?
2. Oliver Meets The Gang
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1. Once Upon a Time in New York City
2. Subway Chase
3. Why Should I Worry?


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