Top Ten Best Moments in The Outsiders

Yeah... I read it twice, watched the movie and now I shall fangirl

The Top Ten

1 Johnny and Ponyboy save the kids in the church

It was sad but awesome

It was like a chicken nugget bruh

It was like a BURNT chicken nugget bruh

2 Ponyboy reads the note Johnny left him

Unquestionably the most voluptuously executed occasion because of the orgasmic concept behind it.

It was so sad but I loved it!

3 Pony and Johnny befriend Cherry and Marcia

Good book. This was when it actually got interesting so it gets my vote

Notice that I've put Johnny and Ponyboy in literally every item so far.

4 Johnny's death

Can I also just say this:
In english we had a quiz/worksheet about it and the kids hadn't even read up to chapter six. I had obviously read it twice s it didn't matter but still. one of the question sliterally said that Johnny died and well, the girl who sits next to me is the only other kid in my class who read it and she freaked out and we cried for a solid 30 seconds

I'm not the type of person that cries easily speially in books or movies but I think this is the first time I cried in a book and movie.

How is this the fourth come on dawgs

And when I say best I don't mean
"YAY he died! " I mean
"Why, Johnny?! I loved you and now you died! "

5 Dally's death

Dally's death really meant something to the story. It showed that even tough people can care about people.

He is not a bad person. His death made me so sad.

6 Sodapop gets upset that Darry and Ponyboy always fight

At the end when it shows the brotherly love was one of my favorite parts.

7 Ponyboy gets beaten up by the Socs

Ok now I think you are choosing random scenes from the film. What's next? The part where they see the drive in movie?

This actually was an interesting scene because don't the socs go for Johnny all the time instead

This isn't a good thing, its just tthe part where you get to know the characters and how they live

8 Ponyboy runs away

Basically the part where the story began unfolding.

9 Johnny kills Bob

A huge turning point for the novel. It definitely showed a change in Johnny's character.

It was a big change in the book and the was an exciting part of the novel.

10 Nothing gold can stay

The Contenders

11 The rumble

This was a major part of the story, and, to me, was the climax of the story

12 Cherry and Ponyboy's dirty scene

I liked it. A lot.

13 Ponyboy explains Sodapop's horse Mickey Mouse

It was so cute that sodapop had a horse but so sad when it said he couldn't see him again. :(

14 Cherry gets super mad at Dally

It was my favourite moment in the outsiders I almost cried laughing.

15 Darry slaps Ponyboy
16 S.E. Hinton makes a cameo in Dallas' hospital room and Dally yells at her
17 Dallas falls out of his chair at the movie theater
18 The Greasers won the Rumble
19 When they got ready for the rumble
20 Dally planned to rob the grocery store
21 The scene in which Johnny stabs Bob, where he covers the switchblade with grass and dirt
22 The “When I walked out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind, Paul Newman, and a ride home.” Scene
23 Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop reunite after Ponyboy and Johnny saved the kids in the church.
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