Top 10 Moments from Peter Pan (1953)

From Wonderland to Neverland we count the top 10 moments from the 1953 Disney movie Peter Pan.
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1 Peter Takes Wendy and The Boys to Neverland

Possibly one of the most memorable scenes in the movie as with help from Tinker Bell's magic pixie Wendy, John and Michael are now able to fly Peter leads them to Neverland as they fly around the rooftops of London all while "You can fly" plays in the background and as they land on on one of the hands of the Big Ben clock Peter then tells them how to get to Never Land "Second star to the right and straight on tull morning" as the group set out to Nevet Land.

Memorable indeed

2 Peter vs Hook Final Showdown

Peter ties Hook in his own flag and prepares to kill him, but Hook convinces him not to by saying he's a codfish out loud. When Hook takes the opportunity to kill Peter when his back is turned, Wendy warms him and Peter moves just in time to send Hook falling in the water, once again chased by the crocodile. Poor Hook. You gotta feel sorry for him.

Epic and funny

3 Hook vs The Crocodile

While fighting off Hook to safe Tiger Lily Hooks finds himself holding on to the ledge of the cliff when the crocodile shows up in an attempt to eat him after the croc brings him down a hilarious scuffle takes place ad Hook tried to avoid being the crocs dinner as he screams out for Smee to rescue him possibly the funniest moment is after Smee finally gets Hook on the boat he orders he to row for the ship and as they exit the cave Hook smashes right into the cave wall as the crocodile contuies to pursue him as the croc smashes the two throught the cave wall as the croc chases after Hook.

I actually feel really sorry for Captain Hook. Peter cut off Hook's hand for no reason except his own amusement and fed it to the crocodile. Now the crocodile follows him relentlessly to finish him off. And Peter seems to take delight in seeing Hook in life threatening situations. For being a protagonist, Peter can be quite cruel and not a very good role model.

4 Tinker Bell Makes the Ship Fly

After defeating Hook and his crew Peter and the lost boys take over the ship and prepare to sail the ship to London to return Wendy and the boys home as Tinker Bell drops pixie dust all over the ship as begins to fly.

5 Peter and Wendy Arrive at Mermaid Lagoon

While John and Michael and the lost boys are off on capturing the Indians only to be captured them selfs, Peter takes Wendy to mermaid lagoon to meet the mermaids who are happy to see Peter but aren't thrilled at meeting Wendy as they repeaditly try to drag her into the eater and splash her all while Peter laughs at the chaos before finally stepping in as Wendy was ready to retaliate with a shell as she tells her the girls were just having a little fun at which one of the mermaids even admits they were only trying to drown her.

6 Peter Chases After His Shadow

After everyone goes to sleep Peter along with Tinker Bell sneak in to find Peter's shadow that was apparently taken from him and Wendy kept it safe for him, a scuffle takes place as Peter chased his shadow all over the nursery eventually waking Wendy.

7 Following the Leader

John and Michael join the lost boys as look to capture some indians as they all march through the forest singing "Following the leader".

8 Captain Hook Attempts to Recruit The Kids to Join His Crew

After capturing the kids Hook attempts to persuade them to join his crew or be forced to walk the plank as the boys are more than willing to join his crew if it means avoiding death as Wendy yells at them to stop.

9 Tinker Bell Yanks Wendy By Her Hair to Keep Her from Kissing Peter

Tinker Bell really loves Peter and upon hearing of Wendy wanting to give Peter a kiss she frees herself from the drawer and violently pulls on Wendy's hair as Peter yells at her to stop as he tries to grab her with his hat eventually waking up John and Michael in the process.

Gay were they kissing

10 Tick Tock the Crocodile comes for Captain Hook

Mr. Smee is about to give Captain Hook a shave when they hear the crocodile. Hook jumps into Smee's arms, begging him to save him.

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11 Captain Hook recovering from his wounds

Captain Hook is in his room recovering from his battle with the crocodile. He sneezes and although he has a major headache it doesn't help listening to Smee nailing a do not disturb sign. When he goes to attach Smee, he accidentally knocks him out with the hammer.

12 What Made the Red Man Red
13 Wendy gets jealous of Tiger Lily
14 Tinker Bell Quickly Flew in Between Peter's Lips and the Glass and Took a Sip Instead
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