Top 10 Moments from Pinocchio (1940)

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1 Pinocchio Becomes a Real Boy

It’s hard to believe he started out as a puppet at first, this scene is great

Following Pinocchio's apparent death after saving Geppetto from Monstro Geppetto grieves over his death when the Blue Fairy uses her magic powers deeming Pinocchio worthy of becoming a real boy after saving his father as Pinocchio wakes up to the realization that he's now a real boy much to Geppetto's joy. - egnomac

2 Jiminy Cricket Sings "When You Wish Upon a Star" During the Intro
3 Pinocchio and Gepetto Escape from Monstro

To escape from inside Monstro Pinocchio starts a fire from inside him to make him sneeze which still makes no sense since I'm pretty sure it wouldn't make him sneeze and would likely give him indigestion plus I'm pretty sure Whales don't even have noses, the plan works as Monstro begins to sneeze in this very loudly and roar like way as Pinocchio and Gepetto rapidly prattle on their tiny raft as he finally sneezes sending them flying our however Monstor quickly begins to sneeze again sucking back everything including the seagulls as the two attempt to paddle fast enough to avoid being sucked back in before Monstro sneezes them out as they finally manage to get far enough distance away from him before Monstro finally puts out the fire and is not angry and pursues the duo. - egnomac

4 Lampwick Transforms Into a Donkey

What makes this scene so terrifying is how it slowly builds up the tension as we start to see Lampwick's transform and the look on Pinocchio's face until Lampwick finally realizes whats happening and starts to panic until he sees himself in the mirror then pleads with Pinocchio for help then we cut to their shadows as Lapwick then changes into that of a donkey as he cries out for his mother before the final reveal as he continues braying and smashing up the place. - egnomac

5 Jiminy Cricket Discovers the Boys Have Been Turned into Donkeys

After getting ticked off after Pinocchio blows him off and calls Lampwick his best friend Jiminy Cricket ends up going through the wrong door and discovers whare really goes on in this place as he see's all these donkey's being shipped off as he wonders where all the donkey's came from only to realize that they are actually the boys from earlier who have been turned into donkey's by The Coachmen we also see him inspecting them to make sure they can't talk anymore then locks them in crates to be shipped off to places like the salt mines and become slaves, we then get to another donkey kid who can still talk as he cries out "wanna go home to my momma" as the Coachmen violently grabs him and sends him into the pen with the other talking donkey kids as they all cry and plead with the Coachmen to let them go free as we then see his shadow as he breaks out the whip and shouts "QUITE, YOU BOYS HAVE HAD YOUR FUN NOW PAY FOR IT! " as Jiminy sees this he rushed back to Pinocchio before its too ...more - egnomac

6 "They Never Come Back as, BOYS!"

After Honest John with Gideon brags to the coachman after selling Pinocchio to Stromboli and getting a lot of money for it, The Coachman not looking too impressed offers them an even bigger job for them as he pulls out an even bigger bag of money as he whispers something to them about getting them to bring him stupid little boys so that he can take them to Pleasure Island upon hearing this Honest John is horrified and worries about the boys telling the authorities but the Coachmen assures them that they won't have to worry as they never come back as "BOYS! " and makes this very creepy smile almost devil like as both John and Gideon are terrified as he constitutes to laugh maniacally foreshadowing the horrible events to come. - egnomac

7 Stromboli Shows His True Colors

After the show ends Stromboli counts all the money the collected and gives Pinocchio a bent metal that someone threw in instead of money as Pinocchio is ready to leave to return home Stromboli jokes with him about him going home and being back in the morning as Pinocchio continues to laugh along side him he is thrown into a cage and the real Stromboli is revealed as he has no intention of ever letting him leave as he tells him how things are going to go down Pinocchio will make him lots of money for him and him alone as they travel all over the world at one point as he starts naming all the places they'll go as he gets to Constantinople he literally shakes his butt in a very creepy way as then lets him know one last thing once Pinocchio is washed up he'll turn him into firewood as he throws an ax at one of his broken down marionette's as Pinocchio continues to cry out No and let me out of here as Stromboli shouts at him to shut up as the even the carriage shakes from his shouting. - egnomac

That's show buisness for ya.

its true - domushen

8 Pinocchio Nose Grows

After beong locked up by Stromboli as Jiminy Cricket tries to pick the lock the blue fairy appears questioning why Pinocchio didn't go to school and he makes up a ridicules story which of course she doesn't buy and his nose starts growing as he continues lying it grows so big that even he notices as the fairy tells him that perhaps he hasn't been telling the truth and I love how Jiminy Cricket sarcastically says perhaps as the fairy frees Pinocchio as he promises that he'll be good from now on yeah lets see how that lasts as they are finally able to escape from Stromboli's cart. - egnomac

9 Pinocchio Performs "I Got No Strings on Me"

The scene where Pinocchio performs on stage "i Got No Strings On Me" during Stromboli's show as the other diffrent marionette puppets join him my favorite part would have to be with the French marionette's as they perform their dance and as Jiminy Cricket still annoyed by Pinocchio decision to go into show business as he glances the puppets then back he rushes back and pulls out his glasses to get a better look and then in the end as the Russian puppets come out and do the Russian dance and Pinocchio tries to do it as well and gets all tangles up with the others. - egnomac

10 Geppetto's clocks chiming in unison

Just as Gepetto is about to smooth Figaro, one of his many clocks signals it's 9 o'clock. Then all the clocks chime at once and when they do it's like a mini symphony.

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11 Pinocchio and The Boys Arrive at Pleasure Island

This was a really great scene as Pinocchio and boys arrive at Pleasure Island and The Coachmen welcomes them through the door to a place where they can literally do anything like smoke, drink and even destroy the place unaware of the horrible price that they end up paying. - egnomac

12 Geppetto Makes a Wish on the Star
13 Pinocchio Gets Stopped by Honest John and Gideon

While on his way to school Pinocchio is stopped by both Honest John and his partner Gideon and try to convince him to be an actor and join Stromboli's show. - egnomac

14 The Blue Fairy Brings Pinocchio to Life

Shortly after everyone goes to sleep the Blue Fairy appears to bring Pinocchio to life. - egnomac

15 Little Wooden Head
16 Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
17 Stromboli Gets Angry at Pinocchio
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