Top 10 Moments from Pinocchio (1940)

The Top Ten
1 Pinocchio Becomes a Real Boy
2 Jiminy Cricket Sings "When You Wish Upon a Star" During the Intro
3 Pinocchio and Gepetto Escape from Monstro
4 Lampwick Transforms Into a Donkey
5 Jiminy Cricket Discovers the Boys Have Been Turned into Donkeys
6 "They Never Come Back as, BOYS!"
7 Stromboli Shows His True Colors
8 Pinocchio Nose Grows
9 Pinocchio Performs "I Got No Strings on Me"
10 Geppetto's clocks chiming in unison

Just as Gepetto is about to smooth Figaro, one of his many clocks signals it's 9 o'clock. Then all the clocks chime at once and when they do it's like a mini symphony.

The Contenders
11 Geppetto Makes a Wish on the Star
12 Pinocchio and The Boys Arrive at Pleasure Island

This was a really great scene as Pinocchio and boys arrive at Pleasure Island and The Coachmen welcomes them through the door to a place where they can literally do anything like smoke, drink and even destroy the place unaware of the horrible price that they end up paying.

13 The Blue Fairy Brings Pinocchio to Life

Shortly after everyone goes to sleep the Blue Fairy appears to bring Pinocchio to life.

14 Pinocchio Gets Stopped by Honest John and Gideon

While on his way to school Pinocchio is stopped by both Honest John and his partner Gideon and try to convince him to be an actor and join Stromboli's show.

15 Little Wooden Head
16 Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
17 Stromboli Gets Angry at Pinocchio
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