Top 10 Moments in the Pokemon Anime that Make You Cry

The Top Ten Moments in the Pokemon Anime that Make You Cry

1 Misty and Brock leave Ash

Gotta catch ya later is saddest episode of all time... T.T - michellka

2 Goodbye Togetic
3 Amber dies

Shouldn't a character's death be at number one? Yeesh! Both Misty and Brock overstayed their welcome (heck, Brock returned to travel with Ash for another 2 whole series). I cried tears of joy when that bitch Misty left!

4 Ash turns to stone
5 Goodbye Weezing and Arbok

Out of all the trainers releasing their pokemon episodes, this one made me cry the most. Weezing and Arbok have been with Jessie and James for a while in the first few seasons. They were willing to let them go to save them and other pokemon that were hunt down by a poacher. they took a lot of damage from a pusedo legendary to distract the poacher. say what you will about team rocket, but sometimes they have great and brave moments, like this one.

6 Cubone says goodbye to his mother
7 Jessie releases Dustox
8 Bye bye Butterfree
9 Memories are made of bliss
10 Goodbye Squirtle

The Contenders

11 Sir Aaron sacrifices himself and seals Lucario in his staff
12 Goodbye Goodra
13 Pikachu's goodbye

This should be number one.

14 Ash and Dawn say goodbye to Ambipom
15 Paul abandons Chimchar

Wasn't as bad as other sad moments because ash stepped up and took chimchar. which gave chimchar a better life. great job ash!

16 Shamus abandons Tepig

He just tied him up to a pole and left him there to starve! Creep! Luckily, Ash rescued him.

17 When Serena finally leaves at the end of XY

I will cry tears of JOY and RELIEF! I HATE her! (added this as a joke, of course)

18 Goodbye Charizard
19 Latios Dies
20 Goodbye Gliscor
21 Pryce Reunited with Piloswine
22 Goodbye Pidgeot
23 James leaves his Chimecho
24 Goodbye Cacnea
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