Top 10 Moments from The Rescuers (1977)

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1 Bayou Chase

Loved this scene it explains why Bianca wanted to rescue Penny and defeat Medusa at the end as it was Penny who defeated her enemy.

The climax of the movie after trapping Brutus and Nero and setting off Mr. Snoops fireworks Bernard, Bianca, Penny and the others attempt to escape on Medusa's swamp mobile as Medusa herself pursues them with a rope and riding on Brutus and Nero as the group attempt to lose her which they due after she ends up smacking into the boats smoke stacks and is left clinging as Brutus and Nero turn on her.

2 Rescue Aid Society

The scene where the members of the Rescue Aid Society sings their oath as Miss Bianca shorty arrives.

3 Brutus and Nero Chase After Bernard and Bianca Inside the Organ

After arriving at Madam Medusa's boat Bernard and Bianca get chased by her two alligators as they take refugee in the organ as Brutus and Nero attempt to bring them put by pounding on the organ keys which causes Medusa to come out ans see what all the noise is all about and finds the mice duo as she fires her gun at them.

4 Bernard and Bianca Meet Orville

To get to Devil's Bayou Bernard and Bianca hitch a ride on an albatross Orville who's a bit of a klutz an Bernard is not too fond of flying and really wants to take the train instead but isn't given much choice.

5 Orville's Take Off
6 Penny and Rufus

Bernard and Bianca's search for Penny takes them to the orphanage where she was last scene and meet up with Rufus the cat who resides there who recalls the last time he saw her there as he was cheering her up after she got rejected by another couple.

7 Bernard, Bianca and Penny Search for the Devil's Eye

The trio find themselves forced down the pirates cave by Medusa who forces Penny to go down and retrieve the Devil's Eye diamond in a flooded cave and refuses to let her come back up until she finds it, they eventually find it located in possibly the worst place imaginable and making matters worse the cave continues to flood and the trio nearly drown but they manage to get the diamond and are pulled to safety.

8 Bernard and Bianca Arrive at Devil's Bayou

As the two arrive at Devil's Bayou on Orville they find themselves caught right in the middle of Snoop's fireworks which causes them to crash into the bayou where they are helped by Ellie Mae and Luke.

9 Penny Gets Adopted

After the rescue Penny finally gets adopted as Bernard, Bianca and the rest of the rescue aid society watch on the T.V..

Love this part.

10 The Bottle Scene

After the members bring in the bottle with Penny's message Bernard is called in to bring it out using a comb as a ladder as he takes it out he falls into the bottle as the others attempt to read the message which has become a bit unreadable due it being wet upon reading it Miss Bianca volunteers to go on the mission to rescue Penny and chooses Bernard to accompany her.

The Contenders
11 Medusa meets Bernard and Bianca

Medusa: "Snoops! A mouse! Kill it! Kill it!
*Sees Bianca*
Medusa: "There's another one! "
Medusa pulls out shotgun and is a terrible shot.

If Bianca was a ten foot mouse she showed her lol

12 Madame Medusa's Driving

I always remember how funny I thought her driving was, back when I was little.

This scene always makes me wonder how she got a driver's license.

13 Madame Medusa Yells at Snoops
14 Medusa is attacked by the swamp critters
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