Top 10 Moments from The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

An now we look back at some of the best moments from Disney's first animated sequel The Rescuers Down Under.
The Top Ten
1 Flying with Marahute

After Cody frees Marahute from a poachers trap Marahute takes Cody fro a wild ride all around the outback, poosibly the best moment is when Cody is taken to a waterfall as Marahute pushes him and as they reach the end of the waterfall he leaps into the air like he's flying before Marahute catches him in time.

2 Mcleach Falls Over the Waterfall

While fighting off the crocodiles in the water Mcleach fails to see the waterfall behind him and tries to swim to safety but its too late as he goes over the waterfall to his death.

3 Bernard Proposes to Bianca

After rescuing Cody from Mcleach Bernard is finally able to propose to Bianca who accepts his proposal.

Bianca saves Bernard and Cody on Marahute

4 Marahute Rescues Cody and Bernard as They Go Over the Waterfall

After Jake and Bianca are able to unlock the cage they ride on Marahute and come towards Cody and Bernard's rescue just as they go over the waterfall.

5 Wilbur Gets Shot

After trowing his back Wilbur is taken to a hospital located in an old abandoned ambulance where the doctor prepares to give him his shots via a shotgun or rifle as Wilbur pleads with him to not go through it the doctor orders the nurse to fire as a loud bang noise echoes throughout the ambulance as Wilbur cries out in pain.

6 Joanna Steals Mcleach's Eggs

While preparing some eggs while trying to come up with ways to get Cody to give him the location of Marahute's nest Joanna sneaks in and steals his eggs, Mcleach manages to catch her by slamming the lid on the lunchbox crushing her fingers before he opens it to find Joanna has eaten all of the eggs as he becomes furious as Joanna hides in fear of what he will do as he angrily tells her to stay away from his eggs then it hits him the boys weakness the eagle's eggs.

7 Mcleach Attempt to Feed Cody to the Crocodiles

After capturing Marahute Mcleach decides to get rid of Cody by attempting to feed him to the crocodiles.

8 Bernard and Bianca Get Stuck Under Mcleache's half-truck

After Mcleach purposely lets Cody go in order to lead him to Marahute nest and as Mcleach follows in his half-truck Bernard, Bianca and Jake hitch a ride in order to warn Cody though Jake manages to land safety Bernard and Bianca find themselves on the wheels of the half-truck as they try to avoid being crushed before Jake gives them a lasso as they grab onto to safety.

9 The Call for Help

After Mcleach kidnaps Cody the mouse from earlier sends a message about the kids kidnapping as the message travels from city to city before finally reaching New York.

10 Joanna Chases Frank

After Frank manages to get free Cody and the other animals instruct him to get the keys to free him and after Frank gets them he is spotted by Joanna as a chase ensues as everyone pleads with Frank to give them the keys but Frank is too busy trying to avoid Joanna, at one point he manages to get on top of her and rides her like a horse before being thrown off the chase ends after Frank finds himself on top of one of Mcleaches guns as Joanna then fires it at him as thankfully the shots miss and as Cody frees himself and tries to free the other animals Mcleach shows up and stops him.

The Contenders
11 Bianca Plans to Rescue Bernard and Cody on Marahute

I am glad she did rescue Cody because it was what she wanted in the first place.

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