Top 10 Moments from Robin Hood (1973)

An now we go onto the best moments from Disney's Robin Hood 1973.
The Top Ten
1 Robin's Great Escape

After breaking everyone from jail Robin gets left behind and attempts to escape the castle grounds which isn't made easy especially with everyone hot on his trail, at one point he finds himself in an bad spot where the Sheriff corners him after setting the tower their in on fire as Robin makes it to the very top as the fire surrounds him as he makes a leap of faith as he jumps into the moat below as Prince John orders his archers to shoot him and it almost seems like Robin has met his match until he pops out of the water as he and Skippy stick it to Prince John who is furipous not only because Robin escaped but now his mother's castle is no fire.

2 The Phony King of England

After escaping Prince John's clutches everyone gathers at Sherwood forest as they all sing about Prince John being the phony king of England and dance with many of the dance sequences taken right out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats.

Prince John was never the real king

3 Lady Kluck acts like a Football pro against the Rhino Guards

Possibly the funniest moment in the movie.

4 Robin and Maid Marian Get Married

After King Richard returns and restores order and pardons Robin Hood he and Maid Marian get married as the people of Nottingham rejoice in celebration.

5 Friar Tuck Loses His Cool

After nearly everyone in Nottingham is thrown in jail for failing to pay their taxes after Prince John raises them Friar Tuck does everything he can to try and lift the sprites of anyone left but even he too falls into depression until one of the church mice gives him their only coin in an attempt to lift his spirit and put it in the poor box which works until the Sheriff once again shows up to take it all while Friar Tuck pleads with him saying its for the poor box and which the Sheriff doesn't care anf after an exchange of words Tuck has had enough and yells at him to get out of his church as he pushes him out and the two engage in a fight until one of the sheriff's lackeys incapacitates Friar Tuck allowing the Sheriff to strap a cahin around his neck putting him under arrest.

6 Skippy Gets Kissed by Maid Marian

After Skippy's arrow lands in the palace grounds he, his sisters and friend Toby a turtle meet Maid Marian and Lady Kluck and while pretending to be Robin Hood while Lady Kluk pretends to be Prince John Skippy takes Maid Marion near some bushes as he asks what they do now as Marion suggest that the hero always gives his fair lady a kiss and Skippy isn't interested in that then Marion says "Will if you won't, then I will" as she proceeds to kiss him as Toby and his sisters all laugh at him.

An years later we got Judy Hops and Nick Wilde.

7 Jailbreak
8 Robin and Little John Disguise Themselves as Gypsies and Rob Prince John
9 Not In Nottingham

After the humiliation by Robin and the people of Nottingham Prince John punishes the people by raising the taxes to the point where no one is able to pay them and are sent to jail and even the narrator himself gets locked up as he sings of the depressed state of Nottingham as it rains.

10 Oo-De-Lally

The opening song number as the narrator sings as Robin Hood and Little John lazily walk through the forest then go swimming in the water before the Sheriff and his posse gather around and chase after them before Robin sends him and Little John into the tree to hide from them before they eventually leave.

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11 Prince John screams
12 Archery Tournament
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