Top 10 Moments from Saludos Amigos

Continuing with my lists of top moments from Disney movies we will be looking back at some of the top moments from Disney's first series of package films Saludos Amigos which translates to "Greeting, Friends!" which consists of 4 segments including Lake Titicaca, Pedro, El Gaucho Goofy and Aquarela do Brazil which is Portuguese for Watercolor of Brazil, if you haven't seen it and I assume most people haven't its worth watching.

The Top Ten

1 Jose Carioca Shows Donald the Way of the Smaba ( Aquarela Do Brazil)

As Jose takes Donald out of the of the jungle and into Rio De Janeiro all while playing the beat of the Samba and as they make they're way across the cafe the paintbrush fills in the rest of the scenery while Jose plays his umbrella like a guitar. - egnomac

2 Flute Player Plays The Flute for the Llama (Lake Titicaca)

Donald comes across a local playing the flute to control the llama's movements before Donald makes a bargain with the flute player in exchange for the flute so he can travel up the mountain on a llama. - egnomac

3 Goofy's Slow Motion Chase After the Ostrich with the Bolus (El Gaucho Goofy)

During the segment in which Goofy is a Texas cowboy who is put to work as a Guacho in Argentina, Goofy chases after an Ostrich on his horse and demonstrates how to use the Bolus which are 3 lead weights covered in rawhide used for sport for capturing the Argentina Ostrich, after Goofy manages to capture the Ostrich they then show the whole thing in slow motion only with things a little bit different as in typical Goofy fashion things go worn for him as Goofy is launched from his horse after he sits on the spurs on his boots as the bolus come flying at him hitting him in the head as he tries to get away along with the ostrich and his horse before all three get tangled in the bolus. - egnomac

4 Pedro Gets Caught in the Storm (Pedro)

During this segment Pedro a small child airplane takes his parents places in order to retrieve the post from Mandoza but on the way back Pedro is caught up in a vicious storm near Aconcagua a giant mountain with a creepy looking face and nearly dies during the storm. - egnomac

5 Donald Attempts to Play the Flute for the Llama (Lake Titicaca)

During the Lake Titicaca segment Donald makes an exchange with the kid who was playing the flute to control the llama and of course he does a really horrible job of it so much that the llama is really annoyed by his bad playing. - egnomac

6 Donald and The Llama Cross the Bridge (Lake Titicaca)

Donald and the llama begin crossing the suspension bridge and of course the bridge beings to break as Donald struggles to get him and the llama across in one piece the llama makes it but Donald falls after the ropes break but safely lands in a pottery shop as he and some of the other pots come sliding down the cliffs then lands in the lake as the segment ends. - egnomac

7 Jose Carioca Debut (Aquarela Do Brazil)

Saludos Amigos marked the debut of Jose Carioca who would later appear in The Three Cabelleros and later, as Jose is literally painting into the scene by a paintbrush. - egnomac

8 Pedro Chases the Vulture and Runs into Aconcagua (Pedro)

As Pedro returns home he encounters a Vulture and foolishly chases after it through a series of cliffs until he runs into Aconcagua the giant mountain with the creepy face which to planes is the most dangerous mountain to be near as Pedro is paralyzed with fear. - egnomac

9 Goofy Sings La Blanca Until The Phonograph Gets Stuck (El Gaucho Goofy)

In the scene while sitting around in a field at night Goofy performs La Blanca while playing the guitar only its reveled that he's not actually singing as the song is being played on a phonograph as it loops on one of the lyrics as he bangs on it to get it going. - egnomac

10 Donald Gets Drunk on Cachaca (Aquarela Do Brazil)

While at a Cafe with Jose Donald drinks the cachaca which is a very spicy drink which is a very popular alcoholic beverage in Brazil as Donald's mouth literally catches on fire followed by uncontrollable hiccuping as he appears drunk. - egnomac

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