Top 10 Moments from Shrek 2 (2004)

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1 I Need a Hero Breaking Into the Castle

After breaking free from the prison Shrek and the others break into the castle while traveling on a giant Gingerbread man Mongo all the while in the castle Fairy Godmother attempts to get Fiona and Prince Charming to kiss so she'll fall only for him thnaks to the potion she gave her father for her to take by bursting out into a song number singing "Holding Out for a Hero". - egnomac

The Smash Ultimate memes make it infinitely better! - Synchronocity

Excellent and memorable. Best final battle in the franchise - darthvadern

THis is from attack on titan silly goose - Ilikerice

2 Accidentally in Love Opening

Just like the first movie the sequel really kicks it up a notch opening the movie with Shrek and Fiona on their honeymoon while the song "Accidentally in Love" plays in the background. - egnomac

My favourite as a child. It's just so colourful - darthvadern

3 Awkward Dinner Scene

As expected Fiona's parents are too happy with the fact that she has married Shrek and her father King Harold really shows this as he glares him then an argument between them escalates as the two argue back and forth before both grab onto the pig then launch it into the air as everyone begins calling out each others name as the pig crashes onto the table as Fiona leaves embarrassed by the whole situation. - egnomac

Pretty memorable as well - darthvadern

4 Shrek and Donkey Run Into Puss In Boots

I like that as well

Fear me if you dare! HSSS!

5 Shrek and Fiona Argue

Following the dinner disaster and the Fairy Godmothers shock to find Fiona an ogre, Shrek and Fiona have a heated argument over the situation with Shrek telling her that wither her parents like it or not he is an ogre and that's not that's about to change as Fiona then tells him that's she's made changes for him and that he needs to think about that. - egnomac

Emotional is it - darthvadern

6 Livin' La Vida Loca Finale

To be honest I didn't care for it


7 "I'm Wearing Ladies Underwear"

Possibly the funniest moment in the whole movie as the fairy tale characters come to Shrek, Donkey and Puss's rescue via Mission Impossible style as they blow the top of the dungeon and Pinocchio dives in but gets tangled in his strings and is unable to use the key and free the others, Gingy has to come down but is still unable to reach the locks so Shrek tells Pinocchio to tell a lie so his nose will stretch and Gingy can reach the locks and Donkey suggest him to say something crazy like "I'm wearing ladies underwear" which he does but nothing happens meaning that he is in fact wearing ladies underwear as Shrek asks him are you at which Pinocchio denies this causing his nose to grow as Donkey tells him he certainly am are and Puss even asks what kind as Gingy reveals it to be a thong as Pinocchio still tries to deny it by saying their briefs as the two go back and forth as his nose grows longer and longer until Gingy is finally able to free Shrek and the others. - egnomac

Best joke in movie - darthvadern

8 Escaping Fairy Godmother's Factory

Shrek, Donkey and Puss now on their side sneak into the Fairy Godmother's factory when she's unable to help him they decide to steal one of her potions to help him and Fiona's relationship as Puss manages to get one of the potions the guards are altered thanks to Donkey' carelessness as the trio make their escape while the guards fire their arrows at them and Shrek spills a giant batch of potion on them turning most of them into either birds, a candle and clock, and even a pair of ballerinas as they three make their escape. - egnomac

Second favourite. Just every second of it was awesome - darthvadern

9 Shrek Meets Fiona's Parents

The scene where Shrek and Fiona arrive at Far Far Away to meet Fiona's parents as they exist from the onion coach and just as Shrek probably expected everyone is dead silent after actually seeing him and Fiona as ogres things are made even more awkward when Fiona introduces Shrek to her parents. - egnomac

Very interesting - darthvadern

10 Shrek Becomes Human

After escaping from Fairy Godmother's factory with one of her potions Shrek and Donkey drink it and wake up the next day completely different with Shrek now human and Donkey a stallion.

Donkey? You're-

That was awesome

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11 "Are we there yet?"

Yeah he was also singing with the fairytale characters in the party after the wedding in the first film and suddenly is with them saying that.

I used to do say this all the time to my family

To be honest a bit irritating

12 Dragon's Babies

Dragon arrives during the credit post scene as she reveals to Donkey that she's given birth to a litter of half dragon half donkey babies much to Donkey's delight over their mutant babies as the screen turns to black and he says "I gotta get a job". - egnomac

13 Knights!
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