Top 10 Best Moments from The Simpsons

This possibly had to be the most difficult list to put together as there are so many great Simpsons moments over the years that it would be almost impossible to name just 10 of the best moments from the Simpsons, this not only include moments from episodes but also from the Treehouse of Horror segments as well as the couch gags if you don't see any moments that aren't on the list feel free to add them in.

The Top Ten

1 Marge Chooses to Stay with Homer - Life on The Fast Lane

One of the most touching endings after Homer carelessly buys a bowling bowl for Marge on her birthday she uses the ball to spite him and while at the bowling alley she meets Jacques who titres to woo her and she is faced with a tough decision between him and Homer she ultimately chooses to stay with Homer even vising him at the plant and Homer carries her out as the other employees congratulates him. - egnomac

2 Rick and Morty Couch Gag - Mathlete's Feat
3 Shock Therapy - There's No Disgrace Like Home

Homer sends the family to a family therapy session with Dr. Marvin Monroe who decides to put them in shock therapy with each of them strapped to a chair and have buttons to shock the others and of course everything goes wrong as they relentlessly shock one another while Monroe pleads with them to stop, imagine if they did something like this on The Loud House and have all the Loud children strapped to chairs and contantly shcoked one another the machine would probably overload and explode. - egnomac

4 Bart Steals Homer's Change - Bart's Friend Falls in Love

A direct spoof from Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark with Bart as Indiana Jones and Homer as the boulder and the tribesman. - egnomac

Awesome - Gangem

5 Homer Falls Down The Gorge - Bart the Daredevil

I've watched this scene hundread of times and never get tired of it in an attempt to stop Bart from jumping over the Gorge Homer decides to do it himself which gets Bart to stop with the dangerous stunts and as they hug and Homer gives a speech the skateboard starts moving and Homer goes down the gorge and just as he's about to make it he falls gets picked up and put in an ambulance the ambulance crashed into a tree and he rolls out and falls down the gorge again. - egnomac

6 "Lisa It's Your Birthday" - Stark Raving Dad

I've got an idea...why don't they bring back the episode Stark Raving Dad?!?
Check out for a scene in Deep Space Homer - Barney with his shaved hair and his clothing why does he look like Leon Kompowsky?

After Bart forgets Lisa's Birthday present that he promised he gets help from one of the patients Homer brings with him from the mental hospital who claims to be Michael Jackson in actuality is voiced by MJ himself and together sing a song for Lisa. - egnomac

7 Ren and Stimpy Season Premier Clip Not Finished - The Front

John K the creator of Ren and Stimpy took shots at the Simpsons writers and they responded with this moment here at the Cartoon Annual Awards by showing the season premier of Ren and Stimpy with a card reading Clip Not Finished of course referencing the fact that John K constantly missed deadlines. - egnomac

8 Bart's Megaphone Testing - The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
9 Do It for Her - And Maggie Makes Three
10 The Garbage Man Can - Trash of The Titans

The Contenders

11 Soccer Riot - The Cartridge Family
12 Moe and The Lie Detector - Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2
13 Homer Makes "Grimey" Have a Mental Breakdown - Homer's Enemy
14 Homer Clobbers Mr. Burns - Homer the Smithers
15 The Ramones Sing Happy Birthday to Mr. Burns (Then Insult Him) - Rosebud

"Smithers, have the Rolling Stones killed" - THC13

16 Heeeere's Johnny Doh - Treehouse of Horror V
17 Homer Turns into the Hulk - I Am Furious Yellow
18 Ned Flanders Goes Off The Town After they Do a Horrible Job of Fixing His House - Hurricane Neddy
19 Ralph Wiggum Plays George Washington - I Love Liss
20 Homer Opens a Bag of Potato Chips in Space Then Eats Them Before Smashing into the Ant Farm - Deep Space Homer
21 Smithers Release the Robotic Richard Simmons - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
22 Homer Rides the Bomb - Homer the Vigilante
23 Homer Fights George Bush - Two Bad Neighbors
24 You are Lisa Simpson. - Lisa's Substitute
25 Bart Skating Naked - The Simpsons Movie
26 Construction Foreman with 10 year old voice - The PTA disbands
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