Top 10 Moments from Sleeping Beauty (1959)

The Top Ten
1 Maleficent Turns Into a Dragon

Possibly one of the most memorable transformations scenes in a Disney movie after the three fairies help Prince Philip to escape from Maleficent's castle she unleashes a barrage of thorns to surround the castle where Aurora is then teleport herself to the castle then proceeds to turn her self into a dragon.

2 Prince Philip vs Dragon Maleficent

A very epic showdown as Philip battles against Dragon maleficent who gives him a run for his money as she attempts to kill him while Philip armed with a shield and sword fights her off as she continues to shoot fire at him it ends when Philip with the fairies help throws his sword at Maleficent's heart killing her as she falls over the cliff.

3 Maleficent Curses Princess Aurora

After not being invited to Aurora's christening party Maleficent places a curse on the princess stating that before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday she'll prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die which is kind of going a bit overboard placing a curse on an infant for such a piety reason.

4 Flora and Merryweather Fight Over what Color Aurora's Dress Should Be

While making a dress for Aurora's birthday surprise Flora and Merryweather get into a fight over what color the dress should be Flora wants it to be pink and Merryweather wants it to be blue things really get out of hand as they repeatedly use their magic to change the color of the dress then start shooting their wands at each other which unfortunately leads to Maleficent's crow finding out about their location as it flies back to Maleficent as Flora and Merryweather's fighting results in them ruining the dress when they hear Aurora coming they clean up as fast as possible as Flora makes the dress pink before Merryweather turns it blue and weirdly enough Flora never realizes that Aurora's dress is blue until the end of the movie.

Using pink and blue on Aurora’s dress? That’s not what good fairies are for. You were supposed to put your heads together, to choose a color you both like, to create harmony. I don’t know what the right color is, but challenging each other isn’t helping anything

5 Maleficent Lures Aurora into Pricking Her Finger on the Spinning Wheel

The fairies should have known better then to leave Aurora alone as they go off somewhere Maleficent uses her magic to lure her into pricking her finger onto the only spinning wheel in the whole kingdom and when the fairies show up its too late.

6 Maleficent Makes Her Entrance

Right as Merryweather is about to give her gift to Aurora Maleficient crashes the party and makes one heck of an entrance as she is pretty irate of not being invited to the party.

7 Prince Philip Breaks The Curse on Aurora
8 Prince Philip Gets Ambushed

Prince Philip shows up at the cottage that Aurora had asked to meet her at before finding out that she's a princess and betrothed, as he shows up he is ambushed by Maleficent's goons who takes him prisoner as to prevent him from breaking the curse on Aurora.

9 Aurora Meets Prince Philip
10 Flora, Fauna and Merryweather Puts the Entire Kingdom to Sleep

After failing to protect Aurora after she pricks her finger on the spinning wheel and being put into a deep sleep the three fairies cast a sleeping spell over everyone until they can break the curse set by Maleficent and also because they don't want everyone to find out they failed their mission.

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