Top 10 Moments from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

The top 10 moments and scenes from the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
The Top Ten
1 The Dwarfs' Yodel Party

Late at night the dwarfs celebrate with Snow White with a song and dance number as they all sing their yodel song while Grumpy plays the organ at one point as Bashful is trying to sing his part and is unable to Grumpy hammers the keys on the organ that finally gets Bashful to sing his line the whole thing leads to Dopey on top of Sneezy as they dance with Snow White until Sneezy of course starts to sneeze that launches Dopey on the ceiling as everyone laughs along as Dopey makes his way down.

2 The Prince Awakens Snow White with a Kiss
3 Snow White's Funeral

Possibly one of the saddest scenes in a Disney movie though the Queen is defeated her dirty deed had been done and Snow White is left in a death like state as all of the dwarfs weep over her death while the animals watch from the window outside while it rains.

4 Snow White Meets the Dwarfs

A very memorable scene after Snow White wakes up from her nap and meets with the dwarfs and guesses most of their name with the exception of Happy and Dopey who they have to tell her his name since he can't speak and possibly one of my favorite moments in the movie when she gets to Grumpy and and says "You must be Grumpy! " in a very low voice while crossing her arms like she's mocking him as the other laugh on much to Grumpy's annoyance.

5 The Queen's Transformation

This was truly terrifying as The Queen begins her transformation after drinking her potion to transform her appearance as we see her change with her hands turning all thin and bone like her hair turns white before we see her new transformation as a creepy old hag with a terrifying cackle that even scares her raven.

6 Dopey Swallows the Soap

While everyone else is giving Grumpy a wash, Dopey is tasked with brining the soap and while bringing it he accidently swallows it and starts hiccupping bubbles.

7 Snow White Gets Lost in the Woods

Really terrifying as Snow White runs into the woods as she begins hallucinating that everything in the woods is out to get her before she just falls to the ground and starts crying.

8 Magic Mirror on the Wall Who is the Fairest One of All

Iconic scene where the Queen asks her magic mirror who is the fairest of them all and after the mirror tells her that Snow White is this infuriates her so she plots to have Snow White killed.

9 The Queen Falls Off the Cliff to Her Death

As the dwarfs approach her on the cliff side she attempts to knock a giant boulder on them while standing near the edge of the cliff as he cackles on lighting strikes where she's at and she falls off the cliff as she cries out as the boulder follows crushing her to death as the vultures then proceed to possibly feed on her dead corpse.

10 Heigh Ho

After the clock strikes signaling that the work day is over Doc calls over to the other dwarfs with a "HEIGH HO! " singling its quitting time as they respond the same way as they lock up the equipment for the day and sing as they make they're way home unaware of what awaits them when they get there.

The Contenders
11 The Dwarfs Force Grumpy to Wash

After Grumpuy continues to heckle them while they try to wash up for supper Doc and the others become fed up and decide to give him a wash by dogpiling him and throwing him into the tub and porceed to wash him.

12 Snow White Bites the Apple

After ignoring the dwarfs warnings of not talking to strangers while they are away Snow White allows herself to be duped by the Queen in disguise as she fools her into taking a bite out of her poisonous apple calling it a wishing apple and she passes out leaving the Queen victorious as she boldly states "Now I'll be the fairest in the land! ".

13 Snow White Cleans Up the Dwarf's Cottage
14 The Huntsman Attempts to Murder Snow White
15 The Dwarfs Fight Over the Pillow
16 The Haunted Forest
17 I'm Wishing
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