Best Moments in the SpongeBob SquarePants Episode Survival of the Idiots

This Isn't My Favorite But There's Some Great Moment In This Episode.

The Top Ten

"Who Your Calling Pinhead?" Patrick

Oh, hands down the best!

YES! That face is so memeable! - DCfnaf

Typo - Stevenpenguin

20% Off Votes :D - Stevenpenguin

The Dirty Dan Battle
"OK You Can Be Dirty Dan.I Just to Be Partick" Partick
Pat Back

YES! - DCfnaf

SpongeBob Missing Sandy and Hitting Partick

Take that you stupid pink seastar! - DCfnaf

"I Was Just Reading This Candy Wrapper" Patrick

This one and Open Sesame are the most underrated quotes of this episode and Spongebob entirely, much better than Who Are You Calling Pinhead. Pat back is also a great quote.

SpongeBob and Patrick Talking to Sandy When She Was Sleeping
"Sponge, I'm a big man. A big, BIG man."
"Open Sesame" Patrick
"You'll Have Iron Lungs When I'm Done with You" Sandy

The Contenders

"Hotwings" Partick
"Hey Look It's SpongeBob and Patrick" Sandy

LOL I love that scene. Patrick and Spongebob: "NOO! " - DCfnaf

Lol, then they really lose it.

The scene where it looks like Spongebob's trying to break the 4th wall

When they're trying to escape, at first, it looks like Spongebob's trying to get through the fourth wall to escape, but a cut-away shows that he was actually trying to open the door.

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